Kravchuk: "Yatsenyuk won't win these elections". Councils to the new president

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The ex-the president Leonid Kravchuk is sure that the leader of "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk won't win upcoming elections of the president.

"Isn't present. It won't win these elections", - Kravchuk in interview declaredЛига.net. At the same time he noted that "such people, as Yatsenyuk, Tigipko - politicians perspective".

"I worked with Tigipko directly. It was, it is possible to tell, my subordinate. I saw it in different foreshortenings and I consider that this person very weighed, reasoned, quiet and competent", - Kravchuk added.
In his opinion, "Yatsenyuk was well trained, has modern thinking, a modern view, has youth fervor, very easily speaks".

"It is often absolutely inconsistent. Sometimes at it the first offers aren't joined at all to its last offer. He is a person emotional", - Kravchuk noted.

"I here do the analysis, I observe. I can tell that at it it will pass with age. With experience. And in the long term opportunity for an exit to high, very high policy" will open, - he added.

Making comments on the president Victor Yushchenko, his merits, Kravchuk told: "It is concrete according to Yushchenko there are two points which I and now support is a freedom of speech and attempt of national revival".

"It, we will frankly speak, doesn't interfere. I don't know a case that someone suffered seriously for a freedom of speech. It can, again - emotionally to tell something to the journalist if concerns his family, the son. But it really costs on the point of view of a freedom of speech. It will be his merit with what we always had problems", - Kravchuk explained.

"The second - attempt of national revival. Creations in the country of such aura, such spiritual situation when people would believe in the country, in the identity, that they are Ukrainians that they should be proud of it", - the president continued.

"But its practical steps and haste, disregarding moods in society, I didn't give the chance to it to receive any results", - he added.

According to Kravchuk, Yushchenko's weakest place - ignorance of people. "He doesn't know with whom works. Everything who surrounded it on the Maidan, - already nearby aren't present. The person went with team which would provide him to all. And anybody already nearby isn't present.How so? ", - Kravchuk asked.

"The second - the president completely destroyed personnel system. There is no system of promotion of people on the basis of experience", - he added.

Making comments on upcoming elections of the president, Kravchuk noted that "any person who will win if it pursues support policy on any part of Ukraine is a policy failure, such politician will be doomed".

"I would advise the following president to refuse ambitions. Listen to itself, listen to books, have God in itself. I would advise to listen to God and the people. To love Ukraine as the believing person loves God", - he added.


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