The mayor Vladimir Chaika declared that the minister Iosif Vinsky bluffs when speaks about repair of the Nikolaev railway station

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- How many was ministers - all promised, - Vladimir Chaika so commented on the statement of the Minister of Transport Iosif Vinsky that the railway station in Nikolaev can be repaired by joint efforts of the power and business - 50 on 50. - I struggle with it five years. The prospect of repair 50 on 50 is a bluff. The management of the Odessa railroad told that can give the second floor of our station to commercial structures that they helped with repair. It was told: "While I will be a minister, it won't be" (this is Iosif Vinsky told that driving through the bridge which plan to construct, paid won't be - a bus) And I ask: and how many to you to be the minister? The bridge won't be. As there will be no station repair also. You will give the second floor for 10 years - businessmen will come.

Besides, Vladimir Chaika accused officials from the ministry of theft of his ideas.

- Caught my idea, - he told and explained the position: lands round bus station that around the Central market, quietly sold and resold. Besides, private - it us doesn't suit this station. Also there was an idea to combine the railway station and bus station. But not those 50 on 50. Our idea - to find investors and to restore the station.


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