The excise to beer will go not only to insulin, but also to the maintenance of Rada

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From excise increase for beer the Verkhovna Rada intends to allocate additional funds not only for insulin purchase, but also for the maintenance of the device.

About it there is a speech in transferred to the signature to the president the bill "About Modification of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2009", reports the UNIAN.

According to the bill, by changes in the state budget for 2009 it is provided not only the financing of purchases of insulin declared before, works on ensuring the round-the-clock water supply of Lviv and creation of "A house museum of T.G. Shevchenko".

At the same time the increase in financing of the office of the Verkhovna Rada at 87 million UAH - from 740 million UAH to 837,8 million UAH

is supposed also

In particular, financing of legislative activity of BP is increased by 58 million UAH - from 413 million UAH to 471 million UAH, organizational, is information - analytical and is material - technical ensuring activity of BP - on 7 million UAH, from 157 million UAH to 164 million UAH

Financing of visits of People's Deputies abroad - is increased by 3,5 million UAH, from 5,2 million UAH to 8,7 million UAH, service of activity of BP - by 23 million UAH, from 76,7 million UAH to 100,5 million UAH

Besides, financial support sanatorno - a resort complex of management of BP is increased by 1 million UAH - to 67,2 million UAH, publicizing of activity нардепов through mass media and television - by 3 million UAH, from 6,2 million UAH to 9,1 million UAH

Thus funds for insulin purchase of 160 million UAH enter nation-wide expenses of the Ministry of Finance.

It is known that on June 3 the Verkhovna Rada accepted changes in the state budget-2009 which provide excise increase on beer for 93,5% - from the current level of 0,31 UAH for liter to 0,6 UAH for liter.

The budget income due to receipts from a duty it was planned to direct on the additional expenses connected with increase in number of patients with diabetes and influence of a price factor on cost of treatment in the current year.

Thus the additional grant to local budgets on ensuring treatment of patients with diabetes was assumed in the sum of 160 million UAH.

Besides, these funds it was planned to allocate for realization of actions for the round-the-clock water supply of Lviv - 105 million UAH, end is repair - restoration works and creation of a museum exposition of the Shevchenkovsky national reserve in Kanev "House museum of T.G. Shevchenko" - 22,5 million UAH


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