The mayor Chaika considers that the governor Garkusha imposes him war

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Sirs fight, and at lackeys forelocks crack. It is remembered when to Nikolaev there came the Kiev doctor Olga Bogomolets to examine children - orphans, she told how in some areas to it didn't allow to examine children. Because the governor and the mayor - from different political camps, besides, are in quarrel. The doctor examined city children, and to regional her didn't allow. It seems, the similar marasmic situation threatens also to the Nikolaev area. The governor Alexey Garkusha and the mayor Vladimir Chaika quarreled.Spasskaya Street closing for automobile transport became a reason for quarrel.The quarrel reason any, the second, naturally, don't call.

We will remind that on May 28 in time a press - conferences the governor so responded about actions of the mayor:

-Officials agreed among themselves and arranged itself small paradise in the middle of the city. Everything depends on the mayor and city council.When the city chokes with a stream of freight vehicles, on a ring on Pushkin it is impossible to pass, block Spasskaya simply immorally. Transport from the downtown as it try to explain, anywhere didn't get to, it loads now others, but too the central streets.The mayor promised that the barrier will be cleaned in February, now May comes to an end. We will hope that it nevertheless will occur.

This position of head of area to the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" so the mayor commented:

- Ionly I left for two days as the governor, excuse me, I carried out a press - conference and on me I constructed almost the policy. I am very quiet person.Also I don't want war. But to me it imposeeach time.I, turn out, all the time as though I justify.I do that is necessary today for tranquillity of the city of Nikolaev. Including for tranquillity of the city I made movement on Lyagin and Faleevskoy unilateral. The logic herself says that streets very narrow for two-way traffic. If cars become with right and on the left side of the road then movement in one and other party is complicated. Cars meet halfway each other. Where? How? Therefore we defined that on Lyagin Street movement will be unilateral, there are outcomes on parallel streets.And here Spasskaya Street became a stumbling block. Because really automobile transport has to go round now down the street Admiral's or come out already to Bolshuyu Morskuyu Street. But after June 19 the street will be open, and movement of automobile transport in this patch will be untied unambiguously.

According to the mayor, in the decision on closing of Spasskaya Street forgot to designate period of validity of the decision. And to open it again, it is necessary to hold session of the City Council and to make on it the relevant decision, as it will be made on June 19.


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