Vladimir Chaika is sure that "Isakov and team" pour over it dirt

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In time a press - conferences the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika told journalists about the conversation with ex-the Minister of Economics of Ukraine, nowadays - the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and the leader of social movement "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The mayor quite emotionally transferred how politicians discussed Sergey Isakov and his pre-election plans:

- I speak to Arseny Petrovich: "And you know, what Isakov together with Sadykov went on elections against me and lost?And you know, what they spent three million for election campaign? And I had an offer - one and a half million to me, to give one and a half million to people and also deputies from "our Ukraine" will pass because I will support them? And to Isakov, I speak, I suggested to become the first deputy mayor. What person would be today big - the first deputy of the mayor for the fourth time goes on elections! And he is a person young. We would prepare it to be the mayor". To me answer (most likely, the mayor meant, Yatsenyuk -answersавт. ) : "I know only for three, and for one and a half I don't know". They (Isakov and team -авт. ) created "Our city" and go on elections.They now do everything to sling mud at me. They speak: "Isn't present and that you" (most likely, the mayor quoted Isakov -авт.).And I speak: "Yes throw the mud, the most important - business do. And I if it is necessary, will support you".


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