Following the results of the IFC soccer championship of Ukraine "Nikolaev" took the 11th place in the second league

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On Saturday the championship of Ukraine among teams of the second leaguefinished

Before game

"For "Unity" the coming to the end championship became the most unsuccessful in four years of performances at professional level. The rural team for the first time didn't get to top ten teams of the group of the second league. And most successfully she played in a season of 2006-2007 when finished on the third place.

Football players from the Chernigov area for the first time met IFC "Nikolaev" in a year of a debut. More skilled rival was twice stronger - 2:0 (houses) and 1:0 (on departure). The match of the first circle came to the end with the "Unity" victory - 1:0. The goal in gate of the Nikolaev club on 57-й was scored to minute by Slobodyan.


Attendance:On June 13, page of Pliski, Chernigov area, Edinstvo stadium, +21о, 100 viewers.
Arbitrators:Ya. Bits (Lviv), V. Papirovich (Khmelnytsky), I. Kutsenko (Brovara), S. Zolotay (Chernigov).
Delegate of FFU:A. Shurenkov (Sumy).
Preventions:Gavrilchenko (30'), Bogdanov (30'), Yatlenko (39'), Shevchenko (90'); Zhorov (17'), Voytsekhovsky (85'),
Removals:Gavrilchenko (58' - the second yellow card), Yatlenko (83' the second yellow card))
Goals:1:0 - Bogdanov (19'), 1:1 - Rotan (40' - with a penalty).

3Tsimbalisty2Hlaponin (85')
13Ivanov10Belous (90')
14Evseev (78')15Chaus
19Yavorsky7Heats (90')
9Stetsyuk (61')16Komyagin
6Журба (78')5Okhrimenko
11Bulenok (61')8Veliyev (90')
17Fisherman (85')
11Krivoruchko (90')
The head coach -
The head coach -
Mikhail KALITA

Together with a final whistle of the arbitrator Chaus with Rotanem the ball, and the Nikolaev team nearly full structure played went forward.However pass Rotanya to gate, a penalty area performed by Goncharenko, attacks with Hlaponin, Komyagin and Belous's participation, didn't bring any dividends of IFC "Nikolaev".

To 15-й to minute owners became more active, leveled situation and soon moved in the account. Defenders couldn't intercept transfer from the flank and Bogdanov who has appeared in private with the goalkeeper Bobko, processed a ball and without hindrances transported it to destination. 0:1.
The annoying mistake for some time beat out guests from a track and only on 26-й to minute they could create threat to "Unity" gate. But Chaus instead of blow decided to do pass and missed opportunity to score a goal. Then Dovzhik from a penalty punched near a bar. At the end of Yatlenko's time I played a hand near gate and Rotan surely realized a penalty. 1:1!

After a break at first the owners who have organized some dangerous attacks acted more actively. But protection of IFC "Nikolaev" led by Bobko wasn't mistaken any more. After Gavrilchenko's removal guests intercepted an initiative. Their attacks were finished by Belous and Komyagin, but the ball persistently didn't go to gate. On 70-й to minute Bogdanov came for appointment to Bobko. During Goncharenko's last instant I caught up with the ball flying to empty gate, and in a tackle I beat out it.

With 83-й minutes, the owners who have remained a vdevyater, departed in defense. Nikolayevtsa didn't use two scoring chances. Komyagin when, appear, the ball already had no place to disappear, punched wide of the mark, Belous's blow was struck away by the goalkeeper Shevchenko.

Draw - 1:1 and IFC "Nikolaev" ceded the tenth line in standings of "Rosy" which have one victory more.

Player of a match

Alexey Rotan became the player of a match, according to the version "Nikolaev news". It was active throughout all game, constantly looked for ways to gate of the rival, conducted forward partners in team.

After game

Head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Mikhail Kalita:

- As a rule, neutral result on departure bring in a team asset. But today not that case. I think that not only me covers feeling of disappointment. We missed a victory. At first the offensive mistake led to a goal in our gate, and then our players didn't realize rather large number of scoring chances.

On arrival to the city of Nikolaev we will sum up the results of the championship and we will decide on the further plans connected with preparation of team by the next season.

Review of round

34-й round
On June 13 (Saturday)
CSKA - Bastion -1:2
T field. - The Carpathians-2 -4:3
Dynamo - Khmelnytsky - Veres -1:0
Bukovina - Nafky -0:2
Оболонь-2 - Ros -- : +
Arsenal - V.'s Field -4:2
Reigning-2 - FC of Korosten -- :-

Final round of the championship turned out productive. Ternopol "Field" and "the Carpathians-2" played without thinking about the gate. Three times Pavel Maly who together with Konstantin Derevlev from "Arsenal" became the best snipers of group "A" - on 13 balls undersigned for gate львовян. The club from White Church knocked out the neighbor in standings Vinnytsia "Field". One of balls to the bronze prize-winner was hammered by Derevlev.

Successfully I finished the Bastion championship. The debutant of competitions wasn't frightened skilled and when that terrible, by CSKA. The victory to football players from Odessa region was brought by Belmokhtar's well-aimed blow in time of the second time already compensated by the arbitrator.

Group AAndInNПMAbout
1T FIELD.32218350:2671
3V.'S FIELD32187742:3061
11IFC NIKOLAEV3211101128:2743
15FC KOROSTEN32822224:3923
16OBOLON - 232542320:3019

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