At Yushchenko think that the failure of negotiations of BYuT and Regions gives him chance

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Cancelled arrangements between Party of Regions and BYuT about reformatting of the coalition and modification of the Constitution will allow the head of state to continue constructive dialogue with political forces of parliament on modification of the Constitution, offered of

About it on a press - conferences on Monday were told by the deputy head of the secretariat of president Marín Stavniychuk.

According to her, possibility of a response the president of the bill of modification of the Constitution from parliament could be considered by the head of state in those circumstances when 2 weeks ago two greatest political forces in parliament intended to agree, and changes in the Constitution in which they "on the discretion wanted to divide or see the future of Ukraine" had to become a subject of such arrangements.

"Considering those projects which were published in mass media, it was clear that prospects concerning consideration of presidential changes (in the Constitution) in those conditions it wasn't real", - I noted Stavniychuk.

"As it is clear that today such arrangements didn't take place... that, seems to me that today there is a good prospect for further constructive dialogue between the president and parliamentary forces concerning further constitutional reform in Ukraine", - told Stavniychuk.

Answering a question of, whether can be submitted for an All-Ukrainian referendum of change in the Constitution, offered by the president, she emphasized that in the actions the president arrives absolutely deliberately, correctly, in the constitutional plan.

According to her, the president doesn't refuse such option, as pronouncement of the project of changes in the Constitution on consideration of the only source of the power in Ukraine - the people.

Thus Stavniychuk reminded that the Constitution defines that the corresponding project before removal at an All-Ukrainian referendum has to be considered in parliament. Taking into account it, the head of state also submitted the bill to parliament.


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