"The issue is resolved by professionalism, instead of number of deputies". But we have all "as always" - declares the Nikolaev office of FGI

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On today's a press - conferences the head of regional office of Fund of the state property in the Nikolaev area Evgeny Kazansky journalists asked to comment on a situation round the International airport "Nikolaev" which as already reported "N News", is transformed by the solution of a regional council from the municipal enterprise to public joint-stock company.

It appeared that - well Kazan as to the head of territorial office of Fund of the STATE property, it is hard to say, as well as in what terms "transformation" of the enterprise which was included before in the list of municipal objects of AREA will be carried out. If since 1995 the State property fund dealt with issues of privatization and transfer to rent not only the state property, but also municipal property of area, in 2000 these powers at office of FGIU were taken away and transferred by the solution of session of regional council to the Nikolaev regional public administration. Management of municipal property of the area, headed by Yulia Kravchenko was created.

- From the very beginning, as soon as appointed Yulia Viktorovna, I repeatedly spoke to her: "Yulia Viktorovna, doors of regional office are open for you. Always, when you will have a need with us to consult or consult - please, call and come, we will be glad to give you help". Every quarter in this room meetings - seminars with representatives of all local privatization authorities are held. And we tell them about all knowledge of our work. But if the person doesn't consider it necessary to arrive and consult, it already his business. Perhaps, time isn't present. Perhaps, on the deputy commissions all the time goes, - speaks Kazan.

- If we create joint-stock company in the course of privatization, we completely are responsible how we work on preparation for privatization as we carried out an assessment what we the plan of privatization developed as we registered the charter, a share issue - we exercise corporate control further... As for questions of privatization of municipal property of area to give help by preparation of this object for privatization, we talked to the head of regional council, the agreement was reached that to the commission on privatization which they will create, I delegated the deputy Oleg Sokol who has enormous experience... They at session of regional council made the decision to create such commission, to include there the representative of regional office, I the next day sent the letter and told whom from us to include. But the commission wasn't created. And they decided to include there on one person from each deputy commission, also from each fraction. But the issue is resolved by professionalism, instead of number of deputies. When privatization of "strategist", the state enterprise, such as "Ocean", the Nikolaev aluminous plant, include one - two deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, but not from each commission and not from each fraction is carried out. As a result, they didn't create this commission on privatization. They continued to work within the commission on corporatisation which was created earlier.

E. Kazansky explained that the commission on corporatisation is usually created when, for example, the Ministry doesn't plan to sell an action at once. At first change investment - a legal form is carried out: there was the state enterprise, and there was any state joint-stock holding company where 100% of actions belong to the state.

- In these cases corporatisation is usually carried out. I spoke to them about it. You, I speak, made the decision on SALE of this equity stake at once at competition. It was necessary to create from the very beginning the commission on privatization as we do. But they already finished work as the commission on corporatisation, carried out a property assessment, drew up the assessment statement, developed the charter. But appeared in such situation:the charter developed, and the new law "About Joint-stock Companies" in which it is accurately written took effect on April 29 that what created joint-stock company before, gives two years on reduction of the charters in compliance, and what created AFTER April 29 (anybody after all didn't manage to register the charter), any more have no right to call the enterprise open joint stock company - only "PUBLIC joint-stock company". They had to change this charter, to overwork. I asked Yulia Viktorovna: "And that you didn't come to consult to me? ". She says: "I went on the deputy commissions".

Last week on Thursday, a day before session of regional council, to office of the State property fund transferred a package of documents. Conversation with specialists of department which is engaged in corporate governance took place. A number of offers which in the morning, before session work, were transferred to the head of regional council Tatyana Demchenko was made. And, as E. Kazansky noted, them managed to consider...


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