Vladimir Chaika: "Such disorder as in Ukraine, more anywhere isn't present"

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Round the new Constitution of Ukraine now it is much conducted different disputes and conversations. To someone it to liking, and someone her opponent. But how the Nikolaev local government reacts to it? On tripartite meeting on a question of providing the labor law which took place today, Vladimir Chaika shared the opinion.

- All know that the Venetian commission approved the new draft constitution of Ukraine and it even was pleasant to them. But I can tell one - that with this Constitution on most - that business many problems. And that offer there, today in Ukraine is inappropriate. I when visited Denmark, Germany and several more countries this year, noticed one feature - that such disorder as in Ukraine, more anywhere isn't present. Anybody doesn't sling mud at none of politicians, the guarantor Konstitution don't discredit and don't contradict him in opened through printing, a body - and radio mass media. If to remember 2004, at us even children at schools were politicized, came to school with the different ribbons, different flowers, with each other didn't communicate. And the Nikolaev local government had to put into keeping harmony and an order at schools a lot of effort. After all children home came, saw about what and as parents talk, and all transferred it to school on the schoolmates. Now on the contrary - throw mud at me and local government. I understand that ahead mayor race, but always it is worth remembering and always it is necessary to save honor and city and country advantage.


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