Time broadcasting knot accept in municipal property, so it is necessary for somebody

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The Nikolaev broadcasting knot became for a long time RO FGIU "headache" on the Nikolaev area - this enterprise wasn't really lucky both with tenants, and with the owner (Mintranssvyaz after cancellation of the next lease contract suddenly refused to admit this object to management). Therefore for a long time in RO FGIU spoke about possible privatization to the MOUTH on a competitive basis. But on last, May, deputies gave to session of city council the consent to acceptance of broadcasting knot in city municipal property. Why it was made and as the event is estimated at RO FGIU by journalists asked to comment 1-го on the deputy head of regional office Lyubov Ochkurova on taken place on June 16 a press - conferences.

L.Ochkurova told about unlucky destiny of the enterprise which for the first time tasted the rent relations in 1992 a little - then the labor collective leased to the MOUTH and created AP "Range" that was unique for Ukraine. But "Range" didn't cope with a task, and the second tenant was very problem. Not only that didn't satisfy provisions of the lease, so also property doesn't wish to leave even after in a judicial order the lease contract was terminated. "Today our employees together with executive service once again went to take away object to transfer it to safety", - L.Ochkurova reported.

1-й the deputy head of RO FGIU estimated transfer of object to municipal property positively.

- Such enterprise has to be in municipal property - it provides not only translation of any transfers, but also GO signals. Besides, many people call and ask when radio will work. Several times in the regional state administration organized meetings on the solution of destiny of the enterprise, and on the last told that the city decided to accept this object in municipal property. Means, it is necessary. Means, we have elections soon, it is necessary to provide all with information. I think that this reasonable decision, - L.Ochkurova


Also I added that you shouldn't trust hearings about a bad condition of networks - a pier, those who doesn't want this transfer so speak. And this object is very attractive to municipal property - is in the downtown, there is a good building, the economic yard with constructions, apart from networks.

Transfer to the MOUTH to municipal property, according to the head of RO FGIU Evgeny Kazansky, was the only possible option. As when started coordinating a privatization question to the MOUTH, to the Ministry of Emergency Situations wrote 20 conditions on providing connected with GO and the notification of questions which any investor won't want to execute, considering the fixed payment for radio moreover and such small (1,5 UAH).

But the actual transfer of broadcasting knot to municipal property will happen yet tomorrow. And not only because the tenant doesn't give property - the solution of KMU for this purpose is necessary.

- We helped the City Council to prepare the relevant documents which are now being approved with Mintranssvyaz, the Ministry of Defence, FGIU, Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Finance. When the question will be coordinated, the decision of the government will be prepared and this issue is finally resolved, - E.Kazansky told.


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