The deputy - G. Zadyrko's nikolayevets categorically disproves information of the prime minister Yu. Tymoshenko that part of deputies of BYuT want to see the president of the Minister of Transport

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The deputy Gennady Zadyrko categorically disproves information of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko that part of deputies of BYuT want to see the president of the minister

transport and Iosif Vinsky's communication.

He declared it in the comment to the newspaper "The businessman - Ukraine".

And allegedly I called intention of the minister to participate in elections of the head of state Zadyrko "a fruit of the imagination of people who surround Yulia Vladimirovna".

The deputy is sure that systematic campaign for discredit not only heads of Ministry of Transport, but also him is now developed, and she is called by that it and Vinsky opposed the coalition of Party of Regions and BYuT.

"There is an open misinformation! One more confirmation of it: that to discredit me, start telling that in Milan my wife in a state of intoxication stole underwear", - Zadyrko indignantly declared.

"It already is beyond all ethical and moral standards. System persecution me and my family on the Internet began. I know that in the block Alexander Valentinovich (the first vice-was engaged in this direction - the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov), without his decision becomes nothing", - he declared.

In a press - service of the first vice-a premiere, making comments on it, told: "Similar statements testify that mister Zadyrko himself carries out someone's political order".

The deputy head of BYuT fraction Bogdan Gubsky, in turn, declared: "Some deputies consider that if they appeared in parliament, it is their merit! Deputies who are included into our fraction, are obliged to carry out its decisions. If the deputy doesn't want them to carry out, he has a simple way to declare they are to resign deputy authority. As well as the minister in the government can't publicly express the disagreement with a position of the prime minister".

However, while in the direction of a rupture of the relations with BYuT Vinsky, Zadyrko don't want to speak about any resolute actions.

"My principles are higher than positions and chairs", - I noted on a press - conferences Vinsky, having let know that I am ready to leave a post of the head of Ministry of Transport. It assured that doesn't intend to run for president, disproving Tymoshenko's statements.

Thus information of the prime minister on Tuesday indirectly


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