Alexey Garkusha: "Andrey Keyan should be kicked out"

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"Andrey Keyan - the nikudyshny head, such head should be kicked out", - about the head of KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" Andrey Keyana, according to the solution of session of regional council appointed the temporary acting as the chairman of the board of PAO "The international airport "Nikolaev", the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha at the telebriefing which has taken place on June 17 so responded.

- He is a head of nikudyshniya. That revealed CREWE, in court is protested, but on formal signs, instead of in fact, - nobody told that at the enterprise there are no debts that there money wasn't laundered. Such head should be kicked out. But as there is an enterprise reforming as it replaced the status, today isn't present understanding to be involved in trial, - the governor told.

Besides, A.Garkusha considers that there is no sense in court to protest A.Keyan's appointment and therefore that he will stay the head short time. The same as short time will exist also the enterprise Charter in approved as deputies of a regional council of edition, - "till that time while investors don't privatize this enterprise, maybe, month - two". As for long judicial fight of the regional state administration for A.Keayn's removal from a position of the director of KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" (and on what A.Keyan hinted at regional council session on June 12), that, according to the governor, the regional state administration left lawsuits with A.Keyan about 8 months ago.

A.Garkusha and a question concerning that cleared, the airport as the airport or with "makeweight" in the form of subsidiary farm and recreation facility will be privatized. The commission on enterprise corporatisation into which entered both deputies of regional council, and specialists of the regional state administration, according to the governor, considered both options and made the basic decision on privatization of only one airport.

- These are so incommensurable things - the airport and subsidiary farm which represents 4,5 hectares of the territory protected with a concrete fence where even Rozhnovsky's tower decayed and I fell. Therefore to speak about subsidiary farm it isn't necessary - it could be interesting to someone from heads of the airport in order that as - during privatization to solve that personal вопр


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