"Goal-scorer", "Mobilochka" and other nuisancers can remain without licenses. It seems as...

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Today, on June 17, in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies meeting of coordination council concerning trade at which considered application of penalties to businessmen - breakers of rules of trade and other requirements of the current legislation took place.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of work of summer tents the violations connected with trade, become frequent. Though the city power also says that they fight against illegal trade and self-willedally put tents in various corners of the city, such fight takes place slowly and painfully for locals. Many time the question of tents which stand in recreation areas, such, as Yachts - club and Pobedy park, but the promise rose that there everything will be cleaned, so the promise and remained.

Careless businessmen who could before the deputy mayor Alexander Zhenzherukhoy were invited to today's meeting, of course, and deputy heads of administrations to tell and even to confess for what they allowed such rough violations, but whether will change it a situation?

- Now the summer period and complaints simply overflow the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. On all city summer platforms are self-willedally exposed, thereby violating sanitary standards and tranquillity of citizens of this the district. All these songs and dancings till 6th morning as though and it is necessary. The range of goods is much better, than at the most expensive restaurants. Gas cylinders in tents, braziers, the service personnel spends the night in these tents, and such examples I can give to you a set, - Alexander Zhenzherukha indignantly told.

At meeting also it was noted that with such businessmen it is necessary to start arriving extremely rigidly. If the businessman didn't execute all instructions left to it by the commission which came to check, at repeated rough violation at such person permission to trade will be already simply cancelled.

The deputy head of administration of the Factory area Alexander Grigorovsky told that in this area today exists while a problem with the bar "Goal-scorer".Besides illegal completion of the building, there is no permission to alcohol sale, there are braziers and many other small violations.

- For example, yesterday this institution was fined 80 UAH for garbage warehousing, - Alexander Grigorovsky reported. - Also in this area still there is a problem with portable tents, there when checking was established that toilets aren't present, the dishes wash in basins, again - there are no licenses for sale of beer and shish kebabs.

More interesting situation developed in the "Scaffold" residential district. There recently "Mobilochk's" disco opened. According to the schedule this institution has to work till 22.00, but according to complaints of residents, there music plays all night long. Certainly, an inspection was carried out and this institution even fined 300 UAH, but again - result any.

Having considered such cases, the commission came to a conclusion that businessmen of "Goal-scorer" and "Mobilochki" will call on the commission and to talk already in more rigid form that is time to cease "to make a fuss" of them. Most likely, the commission will make the decision to cancel the license for trade and further such careless businessman of the license won't be granted.


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