Vladimir Chaika about imperfection of an electoral system: "Last time you were elected together with me and behind my back passed"

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Today, on June 17, in Nikolaev passes "a round table" about reforms of local government and electoral laws with participation of the city and rural heads of the Nikolaev and Odessa areas.

The purpose of action is introduction the offer in the Law of Ukraine "About elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" concerning elections according to open party lists, to make offers on change of electoral laws for elections in local councils on a majority basis, to discuss the plan of measures for successful introduction of reform of local government in the country. Besides, participants of "a round table" consider necessary to create local Public committees on carrying out reform of an electoral system and local government and to hold All-Ukrainian national assembly of mayors of Ukraine, devoted to these questions.

Opening meeting of "a round table", the mayor of NikolaevVladimir Chaikaso I explained need of modification of electoral laws:

- The coalition didn't develop. It also couldn't develop, considering those electoral laws on which the Verkhovna Rada was formed. The present situation in the country is direct threat of destruction of self-government in Ukraine. How could such occur - mayors elect for 4 years, deputies of the City Council for 5 years? I was elected for the third time, I and this time will go to elections. But. Last time, I speak, you were elected with me and behind my back passed. Today I blame myself that some parties and movements didn't pass in the City Council. It is a pity, they would dilute the present majority. And that voices of fraction of Party of Regions, plus one voice from Vitrenko - and any question passes.

Participants of "a round table" also decided to address to the Secretary general of the Council of Europe and the secretary of the Venetian commission with a request to take under control a situation in Ukraine in respect of change of electoral laws.Considering that else in 2007 to COUPLE recommended to Ukraine to make the changes concerning open lists not only in the uniform nation-wide district, but also in certain regional districts, the city and rural heads in the address ask to consider implementation of the relevant resolution by Ukraine at regular session to COUPLE.

Thus the city and rural heads decided to carry on "good tradition" - to complain to the international organizations and the world community that occurs in the country. What is quite explainable - if with it the President and the prime minister why it is impossible for them regularly "sin"?


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