The governor of the Nikolaev area considers that it is better that heads of executive authorities on places were elective

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"The biggest trouble - the existing Constitution, and the President it is right, initiating changes in it", - about the constitutional reform at a today's telebriefing the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha so commented on an initiative of the president.

In his opinion, the Constitution should be changed, and to do it it is necessary urgently. "But changes - not end in itself. It is necessary to be defined that it is necessary to change that in the state was quieter", - the governor emphasized.

Alexey Garkusha considers that first of all it is necessary to eliminate those defects of the Constitution which appeared at it at the end of 2004 when as the governor was figuratively expressed, vote for changes were similar "to fried eggs on a frying pan". And it led to power dualism that in our country can't be allowed.

- Considering our mentality - "I am right, others aren't right", the Constitution should be written out most in details, more in details, than it is in the European countries that there was no duplication of functions that it was absolutely accurately written out who whom appoints though it would be better that heads of executive authorities on places were elective, - A.Garkusha told.

Also the governor considers that it is impossible to allow presidential elections in parliament (elections have to be straight lines), decentralization of the power and formation of the budget for the principle "from below - up" is necessary. Changes in the Constitution it is necessary to solve a problem of representation of regions in parliament (a two-chamber parliament with a total number of 300 people, thus 70-80 people have to be chosen on majority system). But, though A.Garkusha supports the initiatives of the President, the governor considers that this project registered officially, can quite be discussed, as well as any other project of changes in the Constitution, the main thing that it was same public.

However, at all changes in the Constitution for the governor a top - a subject or a reason for alarms.

- By and large, trouble of the state that in it there were many small states - bank, customs, law-enforcement, land use planning, power.They live in itself, куркульки on each place, and then scoff. Also it is the biggest threat to the country, big, than political or economic, the governor considers.


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