Litvin decided to distribute in the middle of crisis Rada debts for many years and doesn't understand why Yushchenko has a hysterics

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin notes that the increase in financing of activity of parliament is necessary for normal functioning of the only legislature, reports a press - service BP.

Making comments on the statement of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko for refusal to sign the law "About modification of the state budget of Ukraine for 2009" by which, in particular, additional financing of activity of parliament is provided, V. Litvin characterized it as to "hysteric". "It only testifies to level of relationship", - he noted.

"We will receive the document - we will make the decision. As all became transparentno and openly, so it and is, and so will become further", - the head of parliament declared.

Thus V. Litvin emphasized that the increase in financing is caused by objective requirements.

According to him, it is necessary to pay off with the organizations which carried out repair work to BP, in particular. "I will ask that on the following coordination board published information, with what debts the management of the Verkhovna Rada was accepted me - didn't pay for previous years", - he told.

Also, V. Litvin noted, it is necessary to provide appropriate financing of publicizing of activity of parliament, and "if people quietly apprehend that we won't broadcast meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, I both hands for it" further. "Then to me there will be less handling and complaints, and also fair indignations of that occurs in a sessional hall. I on every Friday will appear and tell how the Verkhovna Rada beautifully worked and what decisions it made", - he told.

According to V. Litvin, the situation which developed, is necessary that "to destroy the Verkhovna Rada", "and then they will hold presidential elections as consider it necessary". "I from the last efforts try to hold that in Ukraine still keeps. And always you receive charge for it", - it summed up.

We will remind, on June 3 BP adopted the law No. 4503 "About modification of the law of Ukraine "About the state budget of Ukraine for 2009." and some other laws of Ukraine" which raises a duty rate on beer from 0,34 UAH to 0,60 UAH for 1 l. 331 deputies voted for the relevant decision from 440 registered in a hall.

Additional income of the general fund of the state budget is offered to be aimed at the additional grant to local budgets on providing, in particular, treatments patients with diabetes.

Besides, under the law accepted, financing of the office of BP increases by 97 million UAH. In particular, financing of legislative activity of BP is increased by 58 million UAH (from 413 million UAH to 471 million UAH), organizational, is information - analytical and is material - technical ensuring activity of BP - on 7 million UAH (from 157 million UAH to 164 million UAH), visits of People's Deputies abroad - on 3,5 million UAH (from 5,2 million UAH to 8,7 million UAH), service of activity of BP - on 23 million UAH (from 76,7 million UAH to 100,5 million UAH), sanatorno - the resort BP Management complex - on 1 million UAH, to 67,2 million UAH, publicizing of activity нардепов through mass media and television - on 3 million UAH (from 6,2 million UAH to 9,1 million UAH). On the eve of V. Yushchenko declared that won't sign this law.

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