In Nikolaev will create the commission on a situation in Yachts - club

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The question of a situation in Yachts - club was the basic in the agenda at meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations which took place in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies on June 25, that there was simply shouting situation, all spoke practically - both representatives of the public, and a good few of officials, including the deputy mayor Alexander Zhenzherukhu. He scarified those businessmen who, having got permissions to trade in this historical place, ignore the established norms and rules. "Just yesterday, on one of six summer platforms of Yachts - club police officers withdrew 3 boxes of vodka", - Alexander Zhorzhevich complained.

But not only about violations to trade I there was a speech in the sphere at meeting.

The president of regional federation of sailing, the member of public organization "Our City" Sergey Isakov couldn't hide the indignation:

- In what this magnificent monument of architecture turned today? You arranged in Yachts - club cheap, and, excuse, - on - another can't call a smelly tavern. There neither to pass, nor it is normally impossible to pass, and I am sure that in all this the city power which has given out permissions to trade in Yachts - club is guilty. Alexander Zhorzhevich, you told, what in the territory of Yachts - club 6 platforms are located? I will tell you that only in that territory which traditionally belongs to this monument of architecture, is located at once three гэнделика! Besides, people without conscience, shame and God in the head there work!

Isakov told present as on the eve of carrying out a traditional ecological regatta I found in three meters from a relic of Yachts - club - a mast - the beer tents put at random. Them moved away only after a call to the mayor!

- In mind didn't keep within as could grant permission for their installation where the national colors of Ukraine, a regatta flag had to be hoisted solemnly! - indignantly Sergey Mikhaylovich added.

After hot performances the decision was made: to create the next commission, having included in its structure of representatives of societies


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