The governor of the Nikolaev area accused the minister of housing and communal services of nonprofessionalism and advised it not "to rush sharp statements"

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Yesterday governor of the Nikolaev areaAlexey Garkushuasked to sound the opinion concerning statements of the minister zhilishchno - municipal services of Ukraine that the Ukrainian villages won't be installed gas any more.

- Such sharp statements can't be done in general, - the governor considers. - Who considered these questions? Considered the Cabinet? I yet didn't see the resolution. The Verkhovna Rada considered? I didn't see the document. And the minister who was born, grew up and lives "on asphalt"... can declare anything.

According to A. Garkusha, in the "gas" sphere of the state there has to be a balance which the special program of providing with this service of the population of Ukraine could create.

Ukraine extracts 22 billion cubes of gas - it enough to ensure functioning zhilishchno - municipal services of Ukraine. That commercial objects and the enterprises pass to other energy resources, doesn't say that gas isn't present more and won't be. The head of the regional state administration cited as an example the Dikergoff company which owns plant in Olshanskom - she completely refuses gas and passes to coal use.

- We at the expense of the regional budget redistributed means and directed on gasification, - A. Garkusha speaks.

- Perhaps it will be possible - I would like that it happened - 21 million on completion of leading of gas to Snigiryovka. And it not only the city of Snigiryovka, but also 60% of settlements of the area will be able to receive gas.

- Financial opportunities at us are, maybe, limited. But to rush sharp statements: today we go in one direction, tomorrow - in other... For the head of such level it is nonprofessional. So it is impossible to do.

Especially, where to put those 250 km of the gas pipeline which are laid, but aren't complete? According to the governor, it is necessary to finance end of the begun objects at least. Already on one it it is required two - three years.

- And today to stop(gasification - a bus.)and to dig millions and billion state money which won't give any advantage neither to people, nor the state... Sorry, will be again plundered, stretched. It not on - state, - Alexey Garkusha drew a conclusion.


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