Witz - the governor of the Nikolaev area D. Oboronko was up to the ears in debt for utilities

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World financial crisis struck on all - hard workers, handicraftsmen and oligarchs. Whom simply I concerned, and to whom in general "paragraph". And here запестрели on doors of entrances "black lists" of debtors and malicious defaulters for utilities provided to Zhekami.

Certainly, summer - it and in Nikolaev summer, about heating a season during a 40-degree heat even there is no wish to think. Well and what, what debts - let cut off нахрен everything, here is how summer to worry? !

But nevertheless people spin as can - who from the house takes out the last belongings who thinks out any "lures" and winds off electricity and who regularly pays, hardly managing to make ends meet (hello, colleagues), and here some don't pay at all. Just for fun. And one of them - our native vice-the governor Dmitry Oboronko. The imposing young man, is always well dressed and a position as at first sight, it is far not the beggarly. On the contrary...

Hangs on doors of its entrance foully prepared ЖЭКом the list of debtors which vigilant defaulters already tried to break shamefully. But it is generous and good glue pasted the list on a door and on the contrary surnames vice-the governor - the largest sum is long. Whole 20% of total amount of debt of all second entrance. Difficult the vice-is to the governor, probably … Absolutely difficult … On our nalogoplatelshchitsky "зряплату" … Or can to it it at all don't pay, how at plant of 61 Communards?

Something is poorly believed that vice-the governor doesn't receive the "terribly earned" on a field of civil service, hryvnias … And this mistrust grows stronger when you see how the official appears day by day in very not cheap restaurants of the city and every other day comes to keep the physical shape, swimming in the pool fizkulturno - an improving complex.It isn't excluded, what it is "gifts", but from whom and for what?

What to guess! To clear a situation with a debt on a rent the notice about which flaunts on an entrance, the owner of the apartment can only. Therefore we tried to communicate to Dmitry Nikolaevich. We will tell you honestly it, actually, it not so simple as it seems at first sight. The secretary of the official, without knowing about what conversation will go, probably, according to its instruction, suggested to address in a press - service YEAH. But we managed to insist on conversation with Dmitry Nikolaevich and to convince the girl that except him anybody won't be able to answer our questions.

And here it is long-awaited conversation … To make comments on a situation with debts on a rent vice-the governor flatly refused, having declared that doesn't make comments "on pieces of paper any there which hang at him on an entrance".

That is that turns out: for the Nikolaev officials of the notice of debts who hang out on entrances of ZhEKI, regional power, the water utility, is not an indicator and you shouldn't pay attention to similar bumazhention? "There is neither press, nor the signature of the head of ZhEKA … I don't know that there is written and who wrote it", - declared the vice-the governor and offered us will address in ZhEK for the real paper on which there will be all "authenticity requisites". Only after that, according to him, he will agree to make comments on something.

The impression was made that Dmitry Nikolaevich tries to suggest to us an idea that ZhEK - the villain "meanly drew" to it this debt, it is necessary therefore to communicate and deal with it. Council vice-the governor was slightly overdue because we made an attempt to clear everything through ZhEK first of all. But, unfortunately, so anybody didn't lift a receiver though phone numbers on which we called are specified all in the same notice of debt.

As everything is actually, Dmitry Nikolaevich should find out most all in the same ZhEKE. We, in return, give only the facts and we consider that they it is available. Why ZhEKU to slander on so dear person and to dishonor it before neighbors? Not why! But unless it is someone's order, in what is poorly trusted …

Let the official will excuse us for impudence, but we will dare to ask it to publish the declaration on the income as it was made by the governor.Dmitry Nikolaevich's probably income, really doesn't suffice to pay for services ZhEKA? If this is so, maybe, it is worth asking financial support? And that - even deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine don't hesitate to do it! Dmitry Nikolaevich, think over this offer.

YEAH is one of elements of a presidential branch of the power. Our president declares aspiration of Ukraine to standards of Europe. And you can imagine the deputy governor Schwarzenegger - the democrat John Garamendi who is winding off electricity, or the member of the House of Commons of Great Britain Simon Hyus which the comer to it by mail eats hurriedly the account for коммунуслуги.

And at us and not such happens. And absolutely it isn't a shame to Dmitry Nikolaevich. We won't swing a finger supposedly eh, Semyon Semenych, what example you set, it isn't a shame - that as?

We will simply draw conclusions.

The correct conclusions, after all you are representatives of the people. Our representatives. And you get paid from the budget which is filled by us are taxpayers when we make purchases, we pay bills, we receive the salary. That is allowed to Jupiter, it isn't allowed to a bull, is spoken in a proverb. And if to you, "Floodlights", it is allowed to ignore fee ЖЭКов, we, "bulls", maybe, we will cease to pay taxes, following you an example? And what then?


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