Azarov: The design of "shirka" collapsed from - for Tymoshenko

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"Regional" Mykola Azarov considers that "the wide coalition" didn't take place because of Yulia Timoshenko as it laid down unacceptable conditions for association.

"… The design collapsed first of all on her fault (Tymoshenko) as conditions which it laid down from force position, are unacceptable for Party of Regions. We weren't able to afford that someone dictated something to us", - Azarov in interview "toldTo focus".

In particular, according to him, Party of Regions point on presidential elections in the parliament didn't arrange, included BYuT in the draft constitution.

"There is the main, fundamental idea explaining why Yanukovych made such decision (on an exit from negotiation process). The strong and honest power is now necessary for Ukraine. The strong president is for this purpose necessary, and strong he can be only when is chosen in public. The electee in parliament, it will lose opportunity to pursue the policy, it will depend on a configuration of political forces in the Verkhovna Rada", - Azarov told.

Thus it disproved Tymoshenko's words that the idea about presidential elections in parliament in the draft constitution was entered by "regionals".

"If you continue to trust Tymoshenko, trust! And it is very difficult for me to trust it. There is a good proverb: "seven Fridays during a week" are just about it. When two parties discuss any agreement, they watch the text. It is quite possible that this point there was. But the agreement didn't sign! ", - Azarov told.

On specifying question, whether there was after all this point in the draft constitution discussed by Yanukovych and Tymoshenko, he answered:

"Tymoshenko presented it to us at negotiations where her edition of the Constitution was discussed. But Yanukovych disagreed with him".

According to Azarov, after a failure of negotiations "Tymoshenko's reaction had to be not hysterical in good spirits "everything was gone", and pragmatic".

"Yes, she was interested in this design (PR and BYuT union) first of all, despite dull policy, it prolonged the term of its stay in power, relieved of the answer for deeds and of powerful opposition", - he told.

Thus Azarov rejected possibility of split in Party of Regions after a failure of "the wide coalition".

"I don't want to make comments on hearings about any splits and plots, it everything, according to Mark Twain, "is a little exaggerated". I know a situation in party from within - no exiles could be a priori. Every other day after Yanukovych announced the decision, political council meeting where he once again stated the position took place. And no performances against existed. The decision of the leader political council unanimously, I underline, I supported", - he told.

He also told that doesn't regret that it didn't get a position of head to National Bank that allegedly I assumed the coalition contract.

"I seriously also didn't consider those hearings and lists of distribution of positions which appeared in mass media. I in policy and consider to use long ago hearings the unpresentable. With Victor Yanukovych we in this respect had no conversation. So wasn't as in economy speak, and the missed benefit", - Azarov told.

He also noted that from the very beginning wasn't the supporter of the union with BYuT.

"According to arrangements it turned out that the design of the government would remain former - led by Tymoshenko. According to the offer of BYuT their representatives had to hold key positions. Moreover, as a result of this union we would be connected by certain obligations that wouldn't give the chance to us to realize the program investment - innovative development of Ukraine", - Azarov told.


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