Deputies introduced Rules of the maintenance of pets – simpler to get the child …

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According to new Rules of the maintenance of domestic dogs and cats which were accepted today by deputies of city council at session,owners of animals are obliged to register an animal age of two months who belongs to it and is in Nikolaev. The owner pays for registration, the certificate and personal registration plate money if the owner arrived with a doggie to holiday, and plans to spend more than 30 days in Nikolaev, it too has to register an animal. Obligatory payment for the maintenance of animals according to a tariff which is charged by the enterprises which serve housing stock in the place of residence of the owner with a dog.

Walking is allowed in strictly taken away places. On this point leader of "vitrenkovets"Dmitry NikonovI noticed that inороде today there are no territories for walking of dogs. In parks and squares they can't be walked.And where then it is possible?

And if your animal walks without you in park, on the street, the market or the area, and in general anywhere even if in a muzzle and with registration plate - it is subject to a catch. Interestingly, and guard militia dogs will detain too on streets, and to check them the personality? Then precisely "the dog with militia" won't go more … Also the animals, decided to be passed in public transport are subject to a catch. Even if they as a Bulgakov cat who "was not only solvent, but also the disciplined animal, at the first hail of the conductor it stopped approach, I acted from a footboard and I sat down at a stop, rubbing a ten-kopeck coin moustaches". There - that it the service on catching of animals also will detain and will bring to a shelter. Which, by the way, still too isn't present, and the next few years won't be if to trust V. Chaika's revelations

In Rules still there are a lot of interesting points,and ignorance of these rules doesn't release from criminal, administrative and гражданско - legal responsibility.

The lot of red tape is necessary to the owner of "kabyzdokh" if he solves with it where - that to go:references, inoculations, the sanitary book, the passport, number, and, certainly, it is necessary to pay everything according to a tariff … On training, a vetobsluzhivaniye and cultivation it is necessary to have licenses. Generally, itself feed, itself after it clean, it treat and train, support him, and constantly pay. Only for what if the power of any conditions - that still for this purpose and so already a wind persecuted and the sun of palimy "kabyzdokh" didn't create? ! To it - god to get and support the child - and that is less than red tape …

Vladimir Chaika suggested to take this program as a basis, butto finish it within 5 working days.


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