Lutsenko will go to agitate for Tymoshenko that she didn't choose between bandits and impotent men

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declared that for the period of presidential election campaign will take vacation and will agitate for the candidate for president Yulia Timoshenko.

"For the period of elections I will take vacation and I will agitate for Tymoshenko", - the minister at a meeting with journalists in editorial office of the Lvov newspaper "Vysoky Zamok" on Thursday told, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

Making comments on the cancelled wide coalition between Party of Regions and BYuT, Lutsenko told that Tymoshenko consulted on him about it even in the fall of last year.

Lutsenko noted that these intentions were caused by a difficult situation against which Tymoshenko came up. "On the one hand - impotent men, on the other hand - bandits, but Tymoshenko it was necessary to adopt with someone in parliament laws, and people didn't give her how many voices that it was able to do it independently", - the leader of "National self-defense" told.

Thus the minister noted that the party leader Regionov Victor Yanukovych didn't want to see him neither in the government, nor in the coalition.

"It is the truth that I became this stumbling block in creation of the wide coalition between PR and BYuT. Also I am proud of it", - Lutsenko declared, reports a press - a traffic department.

"When in the Verkhovna Rada made a clownery with a militia peak-cap and a vodka bottle, I called by Yanukovych's phone and explained that never in life carried a militia peak-cap, and let will put there my portrait, instead of shames all staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Occasionally I reminded milestones of its youthful biography that why - that very much annoyed Yanukovych. After that, of course, he didn't want even to hear conversation about me", - Lutsenko noted.

Attempt to create the wide coalition wasn't successful also from - for positions of the Kremlin. "On my belief, Yanukovych's decision which it sounded on the Trinity holiday, was dictated from Russia", - Yury Lutsenko noted.


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