Even with adoption of the general plan in Nikolaev the question of an outcome of movement remained open with Shirokobalsky Bridge

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On June 18 at City Council session deputies, at last, accepted the Master plan of development of Nikolaev till 2033. We asked to comment on the general plan the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council and the chairman zemelno - the architectural commissionVadim Merikov.

- In the general plan is both positive sides, and shortcomings, - he told. - That are defined both production zones, and recreational is positive. Andthe city won't be able to give recreational zones for buildingany more - there only those objects which need to be under the law will settle down. It is big plus. Besides, inhabited massifs which will be built up with houses are defined. That isthere will be less intra quarter building, it is unambiguous.

- As a whole work was done at rather good level, but there are also shortcomings, - Vadim Merikov continues. - It concerns traffic intersections, especially, as for an outcome at Shirokobalsky Bridge. I was at meeting of the working groups in Kiev where considered this question.Shirokobalsky Bridge has to have a traffic intersection, but it, in my opinion, is worked not enough. It is necessary to consider it and to finish. This question will be brought up in Kiev "Giprograda". That is, changes will be made to the general plan still by deputies and public group which works over the general plan. One more minus of the general plan -insufficient quantity of recreational zonesin the city, especially in its central part.

According to Vadim Merikov, the public group worked over the general plan for an extent of four months. Initially to the project there were 27 remarks. Now remained only seven. All remarks will be discussed still, and controversial questions of the general plan - to be finished.


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