In the absence of the mayor the Nikolaev deputies at session behaved as the first grader - poor students

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During session of the Verkhovna Rada national channels broadcast the events in a hall. About indoors where the major are accepted for the country questions, usually it isn't observed. But today the Nikolaev deputies surpassed even the all-Ukrainian colleagues.

Session began on June 19 without leader - the mayor Vladimir Chaika was at this time at Sukhomlinsky's university and was late minutes on forty. Reins of government were taken in hand by the secretary of the City Council Vladimir Korenyugin. Yes, by tradition of session of the Nikolaev City Council occur in a full mess. But this time deputies surpassed themselves. In total 54 deputies came to direct the city. Vladimir Korenyugin warned at once that such quantity present for decision-making under the law is enough, however it "is close to critical weight". Also I asked deputies not to leave a hall without the important reason. Deputies listened to Korenyugin and... made on the contrary. The sessional hall turned into a double-exit courtyard. Deputies flitted from a hall in a corridor. In the opposite direction anybody didn't flit almost.

Instead of considering questions strictly one after another, deputies continually inserted any others, probably, too important questions, but "not into a subject".

- To us throw questions till 30-40 which aren't present in the agenda, - one of deputies was indignant in a microphone. - We that - herd of rams who can be operated?

After that the deputy departed from a microphone, took seat on the place and, having put hands on a breast, pouted.

Vladimir Korenyugin appealed to an order, but deputies continued to flit from a hall in a corridor, loudly discussing any subjects while someone read to one in a tsiferka microphone - numbers of decisions which it is necessary or it isn't necessary to accept. The woman - the deputy continued "to pout" on the place and all together waited for "leader" at whom, by the way, about slightly - it is slightly more.


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