The governor of the Nikolaev area together with the colleagues listened to Yu. Tymoshenko who threatened "to take them hostage"

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The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declares that the general internal debt on payment for natural gas to NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy makes 26 billion UAH, in particular 7,7 billion UAH - the enterprises теплокоммунэнерго.

Tymoshenko declared it during meeting with chairmen YEAH concerning payment for the consumed gas, reports UNIAN.

I was present at this meeting and the chairman of the Nikolaev regional public administration Alexey Garkusha.

"How the government and NAK "Naftogaz" have to do such extraordinary focuses by calculations with Russia for natural gas while all country ran into debt for gas of 26 billion UAH is just that money with which it is possible to pay for gas which we consume during the whole year? ", - I asked Yu. Tymoshenko governors.

The prime minister considers the situation which has developed with internal calculations for gas, extraordinary, difficult, intense and dangerous. "Monthly this debt increases, collects and turns already simply into the tragedy for the country", - she added.

Tymoshenko emphasized that "today none of participants of meeting won't leave a conference hall" until the solution and mechanisms of a covering of debts to NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy will be found. According to her, regional gases also have "a fundamental large-scale debt".

"In all structure of a debt - 26 billion UAH - the enterprises теплокоммунэнерго have a debt of 7,7 billion. It, consider, 1 billion dollars which lies and which the state can't use for payment for natural gas", - Tymoshenko declared.

"For comparison - this month we need to pay 250 million dollars, and in the following we need to pay (Russia) 1 billion dollars. Tell, with such debts, someone can will advise the government where it if doesn't pay теплокоммунэнерго, to take money for calculations? ", - she took an interest.

Tymoshenko emphasized that timely calculations of Ukraine with Russia for gas lie in the plane of political and economic independence.


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