Deputies from the third attempt and with big attempts decided to open Spasskaya Street

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At the end of session, by section "Miscellaneous" consideration, the deputy of the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha acted with a question on Spasskaya Street opening. He reported that works on repair of prosecutor's office are already finished and now Spasskaya can be opened for movement of passenger vehicles.

Dmitry Nikonov made the street amendment for journey to open, but to forbid journey to bolshegruzy transport, to put the corresponding signs and to charge GAI control of this decision. Surprisingly, but following the results of the first vote only 37 deputies voted for Spasskaya's opening. The mayor in confusion looked at a depuy corps and asked: What's the matter? Why we don't vote? ".

It appeared that at a hall at the time of vote there were only 45 deputies. Anyway, the quorum wasn't, and the question of opening of Spasskaya which was promised by the mayor to citizens, appeared under the threat of failure. Seagull quickly I gave an assignment to call in a hall of the deputies who are at this time in buffet then the quantity of the present reached 50 people. However the result of repeated vote too was unfavourable: for 44 deputies voted and on a hall the laughter wave swept.

- It isn't so ridiculous, as tragicly. You unless didn't hear, what people speak about me? - the mayor addressed to a depuy corps.

The great diplomat Pyotr Zibrov, the leader of fraction of Party of Regions, tried to make a knight's move. He carefully declared: "If the decision on closing was made by executive committee, let executive committee it and cancels". After that Evgenia Bondarenko known for the straightforwardness didn't sustain:

- Companions, I address to those who didn't vote, you that, in SBU work?

And after it from thirds of attempt 48 deputies voted for opening of Spasskaya Street. The pleased mayor with simplification said:

- At last - that we overcame the veto which pressed to us on shoulders.

Thus, it is possible to congratulate all citizens on this small victory.


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