The Minist of fuel and power industry of Ukraine visited YuU nuclear power plant and assured that the third hydrounit of pumped storage power plant will be put into operation in 2010

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On June 19 It is southern - the Ukrainian power complex was visited by the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yury Prodan. During visit it examined nuclear power plant work, visited a machine hall and a block control panel of the third nuclear power unit, examined a bed of the Aleksandrovsky reservoir which is prepared for a level raising to a mark of 16 m, examined the general course of a construction of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant, took part in meeting of operational staff on completion of hydroheat-sink station. About it reports work department with the public and OP YuU nuclear power plant mass media.

Representatives of Ministry of Fuel and Energy, NAEK "Energoatom", National academy of Sciences, the general designer of hydroheat-sink station JSC Ukrgidroproyekt under construction took part in expanded discussion of questions of construction of TGAES, the Nikolaev regional council, the regional state administration, Management of protection of surrounding environment, Regional Government of the water resources involved in works of contract organizations.

During meeting the minister emphasized that the state represented by the Cabinet completely provided the necessary amounts of financing in order that process of construction of the third hydrounit of pumped storage power plant and its input in operation was finished in 2010. In April the hydroheat-sink station on the Southern Bug was entered by the government decision in the list of objects of the prime importance which financing is carried out from special fund of the state budget. During the present period serious problems with an application of funds are recorded, they are connected with a number of the reasons - both objective, and subjective character."At today's meeting concrete decisions are made, certain instructions are recorded, some terms of performance of actions" are modified, - the head of Ministry of Fuel and Energy in total interview reported. He emphasized that until the end of the year the program of development of the allocated funds has to be executed in full: "We have no right today when there is a crisis and when there are means which can be mastered, involving contractors, builders, the Ukrainian equipment, not to use these means. It everything gives an impetus during the crisis period in order that the economy" developed.

Yury Prodan in


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