Litvin declared intention to run for presidency

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The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin declared the intention to participate in presidential election if "the government of national rescue" isn't created and the plan of "extraordinary actions" is defined.

He told about it on air of TV channel Inter.

"If these offers aren't realized... that I will make everything to hold the Verkhovna Rada in working order, and I will participate in presidential election, and I declare it officially", - the speaker told.

"I will appeal to people that it is necessary to thank, at last, already those who already had opportunity and I had the absolute power in the country on two times, and those who after presidential election in case of a victory will provide the next split to the country, the next squaring of accounts, next distribution of positions", - Litvin told.

"The country in 2010 2004 won't worry. Then there was a margin of safety which was created by the previous power which then called criminal", - it considers.

The speaker urged to hold "special meeting of the Verkhovna Rada at which the president would make a speech, the government, the National Bank and on what estimates would be publicly given reported and the plan of extraordinary actions" is defined.

"Now it is necessary to speak about the announcement of an emergency economic situation in the country", - Litvin told.

"Under it it is necessary to bring a personnel basis if it is necessary, to tell that people have to renounce the places not to allow emergencies. It is necessary to create the government of national rescue", - he considers.

Litvin emphasized that "the same needs to be made at local level, and to forget, at least, for half a year about presidential campaign".

Making comments on a situation with quantity of vacant places in the government, the speaker told: "It was to be expected, this absence of the accurate action program. The government doesn't work as joint team".

On a question, whether there can be its block structure of the existing coalition, Litvin answered: "It is very simplified approach. Any exits are a huge capitulation. Therefore not I speak about exits, and about that all worked, and for this purpose it is necessary shared responsibility, instead of the next empty promises and slogans".

"People slogans it is already impossible to get, and combinations "to leave - to come" is again to return to that was when among themselves divided for two the country through division of powers, and it appeared that can't even divide the country for two", - he told.

Also the speaker recognized that Blok of Litvin bears part of responsibility for government actions.

"It would be possible to calm down and speak - we warned, we criticized, we offered, and someone has to and work. We didn't form this government is the government of the president and the prime minister. If we didn't hold up the hands if I disagreed to head the Verkhovna Rada, the situation would be much worse", - Litvin told.


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