BYuT: Firtash prepares operation on destruction of ratings of Tymoshenko

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BYuT fraction accusesDmitry Firtashin the planned operation on destruction of ratings the prime minister - the ministerYulia Timoshenko.

The corresponding statement of fraction was sounded on Monday by the representative of fractionAndrey Kozhemyakin.

According to him, "large-scale operation on deception of voters and manipulation with their consciousness by means of publication of false results of sociological researches" will be realized soon.

"About ten sociological centers of Ukraine secured the order for systematic publication allegedly results of polls of the citizens devoted to the following presidential elections - though actually these surveys won't be conducted. There it will be specified that in the second round of presidential election leaveVictor YanukovychandArseniy Yatsenyuk", - byutovets told.

According to Kozhemyakin, as the customer and the financier of these allegedly polls the co-owner of "Rosukrenergo" Dmitry Firtash who also is "the sponsor of mister Yanukovych and mister Yatsenyuk" acts.

Results of these forged researches, the deputy of BYuT claims, will be to be published on a substantial scale in mass media, in particular on Inter TV channel and in other media controlled by Firtash.

"Today to society choice illusion though actually both politicians (both Yanukovych, and Yatsenyuk) are proteges of the same Firtasha snatches and practically are members of one team. Both allegedly alternative the candidate are natives of one shadow nest - "Rosukrenergo" nests, - Kozhemyakin declared.

According to him, Yanukovych and Yatsenyuk will embody seemingly different ways of development of Ukraine only at the level of declarations.

"In previous years there was an opportunity to be convinced that large-scale manipulations of sociological character aren't defining for the majority of citizens. However, considering that today adventurers from policy try to mislead the whole country, we consider as the duty to warn citizens of Ukraine, journalists and sociologists about planned epidemic of false sociology", - Kozhemyakin declared.

At the same time, on a request to provide proofs which would confirm the charges containing in the statement, Kozhemyakin promised that the fraction will make it in the next few days.


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