In Nikolayevshchina the candidate for a post rural the heads from BYuTA threatened to drown the fellow villager what that voted not for it?

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that yesterday, in Chervonoukraink's village of the Berezansky region of the Nikolaev area locals chose rural the head.

Today, a press - the service of the BYuT Nikolaev regional organization distributed information that as a result of vote with a separation almost in 30 voices the candidate from BYuTwonNikolay Gorbatenko.

"Elections passed without current legislation violation", - is spoken in BYuT message.

However we will remind that"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that Nikolaev "edinotsentrist" declared violations during elections.

Today, I distributed information about appeared "The address from voters of the Chervonoukrainsky Village Council", in which victoryGorbatenkois called forged.

Under the address there are no concrete signatures, however its emergence already says that in this history not everything is so unambiguous. Considers

In particular, in the address it is said that "In the voting dayNikolay GorbatenkoI continued the tactics of slander, insults and bribery. About the polling station he personally met voters, actively agitated to vote for its candidate. Reached before that he tried to bribe voters about what statements, andare drawn upGorbatenkoit was warned about violation of the law about elections".

There is more: "To the polling station by bus gave a lift to voters who worked in Koblevo, and the chairman of the Berezansky Communist Party organization of BYuT in the bus agitated forN. Gorbatenko".

In the address other violations, and even threats are also noted also. So, allegedlyGorbatenkotogether with members of the same party threatened to drown the citizen V. Sobor who voted for other candidate. The corresponding application was submitted to Berezansky regional department of militia.

"We consider that elections passed with violation of electoral laws, we consider that elections on a site No. 25 are invalid, and a victoryGorbatenko- it is forged", - it is spoken in the address.

"Crime.ISN'T PRESENT"will inform the readers on further succession of events.


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