Money for an entrance to the city hall - alternative to a paid entrance on a cemetery?

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Leader of the public association "New Kiev"Zoryan SHKIRYAKcriticizes an initiative of the authorities of Kiev about a paid entrance to the city hall

About it it is spoken in the comment transferred by the UNIAN a press - service OO "New Kiev".

Press - the service reminds that the other day in mass media there was information on the next initiative of the Kiev city public administration - holding Open Days in the city hall. Now everyone will be able to walk along building corridors on the Khreshchatyk, 36. However this service will be paid both for city visitors, and for inhabitants of Kiev. The amount of payment still is defined by officials.

"IntentionLeonid CHERNOVETSKY"to collect a bribe" for an entrance to the building of the city hall strikes with the creativity. The impression is made that officials want to recoup for a failure of the intentions to establish a payment for pass on cemeteries. I won't be surprised if introduction of payment for walk on the Khreshchatyk in days off and holidays" is the following step, - the leader of OO "New Kiev" speaks.

Making comments further on a new initiative of the city hall, Z.ShKIRYaK noted: "I agree that, for example, works of art it is necessary to pay for viewing, but hardly officials of KGGA and valuable presents to the mayor are so valuable museum pieces that for their viewing to demand money from people".

"Looks like that "young and ambitious" the team of the capital town governor in search of additional financing of the whims competes with common sense! To arrange the Open Day, but to open these doors for money is marasmus", - considers Z.ShKIRYaK.

"Personally I will pay for an entrance to KGGA building, only in that case when Leonid Mikhaylovich (ChERNOVETsKIY) will be the concierge on doors, and the ticket collector - Irena Reonoldovna (KILChITsKAYa - the first deputy chairman of KGGA)", - the leader of "New Kiev" summed up.


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