"Regions" ask the West to protect the Ukrainian journalists from Tymoshenko

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The Party of Regions addresses to the international community and the organizations for protection of journalists with an appeal to protect a freedom of speech in Ukraine from government intervention in press activity.

About it it is told in the statement of Party of Regions in response to charges of BYuT in the Inter TV channel address in "information diversion against the Ukrainian state".

"We address to all not indifferent Ukrainians, to the world community, diplomatic missions, to the Reporters without Borders organization with a request to protect a freedom of speech in Ukraine from cynical attempts of the government to take the independent press under the control", - is spoken in it.

The Party of Regions also suggests to enter the moratorium on power intervention into policy of media at least for election campaign.

"The next statement of BYuT which contains new attacks on uncontrollable to the authorities independent TV channel "Inter" is only one more confirmation of that this political force and its leader so and didn't understand anything in an essence of a freedom of speech, in standards of independent journalism", - "regionals" consider.

They also declare that the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko "publicly specified to journalists when to include or switch off television cameras".

"Cases when it read owners of channels for this or that journalistic plot which wasn't pleasant to it are known. For anybody not a secret that on its press - conferences all questions are ordered and are strictly controlled and so on", - it is spoken in the statement.

"The fact when Tymoshenko orders to herself air is known and appoints to itself opponents and in case the channel disagrees on her such conditions - she simply doesn't come to studio, trying to discover various reasons", - "regionals" add.

In their opinion, now it is a question "of resolute and persistent attempts of BYuT and the leader of this political force at any cost to take under control those mass media (up to raider attacks) which aren't manual for Tymoshenko".

"And especially - the Inter TV channel most popular in the country which BYuT tries to discredit, having begun cynical and dirty campaign against the channel and all journalistic collective", - declare in Party of Regions.


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