Russia weaker state, than Ukraine - the American experts

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While from Russia doubts in ability of Ukraine as the states are heard, the American observers consider that now Russia is less stable, than Ukraine.

This conclusion follows from a rating of the cancelled states (Failed states index) which is prepared in common American by "World fund" and the Foreign policy magazine, transfers Radio "Svoboda".

At the same time the American observers pay attention to such calls for the Ukrainian statehood, as split of elite and loss of trust of society to the power.

On the world map which was prepared by the American observers, Ukraine - among the states which have appeared on the verge between stability and disorder. According to a rating of this year, now situation in Ukraine is a little better, than last year: it takes 110-ое a place from 177 states.

Thus Russia next to Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova appeared in the list of the states which are in a dangerous state. At Russia 71-ое a place, at Belarus - 66-ое, and at Moldova where the problem of Transnistria doesn't leave, still the worst place in a rating - 54-ое. At the same time the next Poles and Hungarians live already in the stable countries.

First place worst in this rating is won by Somalia. Further - Zimbabwe and Sudan, where a situation critical. The strongest states, according to the American researchers, now at northern Europeans, Swisses and Irish.

Experts from American "World fund" and the Foreign policy magazine prepare the annual rating on the basis of 12 criteria - social, economic and political.

The researcher of "World fund" Mark Lucas explains to Radio "Svoboda" the worst indicators of Russia in comparison with Ukraine, first of all, different degree of level of democracy.

"In Ukraine political split is very deep, but all the same situation is much more transparent. The conflict between Tymoshenko and Yushchenko doesn't cease, but it occurs within democratic process whereas in Russia actually there was an one-party system", - Loukas considers.

To factors which undermine Russia from within, the American observer adds August war with Georgia and insurgent movements in the Russian North Caucasus.

Essential distinctions between Ukraine and Russia also are in the economic sphere, Loukas continues.

"If to look at figures, at first sight can seem that affairs Russia much more the best but as it is so dependent on the income from oil and gas sale, has a big risk of inflation, stratification of society and fluctuations in economy. Ukraine has no such stocks, but its economy is more diversified", - the researcher speaks.

At the same time Ukraine is weakened by dependence on the Russian energy carriers. If the relations between the countries don't improve, Ukraine will lose as Russia has much more instruments of influence, the American observer notes.

Authors of a rating of the cancelled states also distinguish loss of trust of society from the biggest Ukrainian problems to the power, in particular, from - for constant political conflicts.

The western observers pay attention and that in Ukraine talented people can't chronically find for themselves application - and go abroad, without bringing benefit to the homeland.


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