To win elections of the student's mayor, the Nikolaev students monopolized energy resources – bought the socket

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The tenth year in a rowNikolaevstudents will see off one of the most large-scale youth actions - the Studrespublika multifestival.Two days - on June 27 and 28 on Faleev Square(the top BAM, near Lenin Square)will fish to exist the certain statewith the borders, the ministries, the militia and even monetary unit. All citizens of this state - about 200 people are planned - will have, student republican, the passport. Also will go to elections - will give the votes to that candidate whom want to see the student's mayor.

"Studrespubliki's" scales grow every year. For example, this year part in elections will take not only representatives of the city of Nikolaev, but also area.

Head of the organizing committee of The Student's Republic — 2009 multifestivalChristina Shinkarenkospecially for this purpose I went to Pervomaisk to teach local students to "games of politics". So from ten HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS which students decided to take participation in the game, three are higher educational institutions of Pervomaisk.

- This year "Studrespublika" passes in two stages, - Christina Shinkarenko tells. - The first stage was given us difficult - in each higher education institution it was necessary to arrive, provide training on elections and selective technologies, and then to carry out mini - the business game "Studrespublika". Students actively took part.For example, in Pervomaisk we told students that all who studies can vote for their parties and works in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, except the watchman. They didn't bring the watchman. But they brought the medic from a first-aid post which voted for their party. Here such there are incidents.

The second stage will take place on June 27-28 on Faleev Square.

- We will have borders, the legislation, the governing bodies, - the head of the organizing committee continues. - We will have ministries, National Bank, there will be the monetary unit which is called "smilies". There will be power pool systems because at present already there is a party which privatized the socket.Generally, children the extremely enterprising. They with the great pleasure are engaged in this game.

Two days we will live in the state under the laws. In that children could show the leadership skills and win a game essence elections which will pass on a proportional basis. We will elect the student's mayor and student's magistrate.

Each of ten HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS in which elections already took place, will propose the candidates in student mayors.

The head of the organizing committee considers that representatives of four higher educational institutions of area have more every chance:"Mogilyanka", Ukraine university, university of a name of Sukhomlinsky and May Day HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

- For example, the team from "Mogilyanki" bypassed all tents on the top BAM regarding that connection of electricity gave only to them and nobody else, - Christina Shinkarenko tells. - They, thus, monopolized energy resources. Up to that organizers will be compelled to ask from them the socket.

After June 28 students aren't going to go home, having forgotten about the promises made on elections.They want - to finish the mayor Vladimir Chaika to allocate the student's mayor with powers of the adviser to the real mayor of Nikolaev.

- Children go for game with a certain program which undertake to realize after them will choose, - the head of the coalition of public organizations "Nikolaev Youth Municipality"speaksAlexander Maksimenko. -The position of the adviser will help the student's mayor to realize that he promised during game.

- We don't confer to the student's mayor real powers, we give the chance to him, - Christina Shinkarenko specified.

By the way, the majority of members of "The Nikolaev youth municipality" - "Studrespubliki's" active participants in previous years. And the public organization already achieved attention of the mayor - periodically real mayor invites children to discuss interesting their questions.

Action won't take place only due to enthusiasm of students.As the head of department for a family and youth of the regional state administrationreportedRuslan Sausage,for the organization of a scene, music and transport it is allocated five thousand hryvnias.

- Today the youth comes to new level, the thought of the student's republic is finished, - Ruslan Kolbasa told. - For me in student's years this game meant only elections of the mayor. There was a certain program, and we played games of politics. Today it already is a little bit more difficult. There are ministries, there is a financing. The idea develops. Moreover, the public organization which can submit the projects on consideration on financing is already created. It already opportunity to realize itself.

Except the main action - business game in elections - the interesting is planned more many. For example,students will play the intellectual game "Brain — a Ring", "the student's mafia" will work, will pass a flash - моб, the competition "First lady", video cross-country and a quest - a festival.Traditionally will feed students during game "Celentano's" pizzeria, and to give to drink - "Sandora".

After behavior "Studrespubliki - 2009" the Nikolaev winners will go further - to submit All-Ukrainian voters.

On August 23 student's mayors and their parties will gather on the southern coast of the Crimea from different regions of Ukraine - only about 10 thousand people. Also will hold elections of the student's president.

- I hope that this year, - Christina Shinkarenko, - Nikolaev told, at last, will win, and we will bring here a cup of the student's president.


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