How there are pothouses in Yachts - club? History of one vote

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On past 35-й City Council session once again the mayor Vladimir Chaika showed to a depuy corps the unfading talent of the diplomat, capable to be turned out from the most difficult and confused situations, and not to strike thus with the person in dirt.

By consideration of the land questions on the Factory area, permissions concerning granting to land management designing, it was a question about Yachts - club. As usual, anybody especially didn't penetrate into a question - Yachts - club, so Yachts - club, to spit on that this historical place in Nikolaev, a favourite corner of rest of citizens. "Me "not щекотит" - as our people's deputies like to be expressed. All were already ready to vote for the draft decision as a whole, but deputy unanimity was prevented suddenly by Alexander Zholobetsky. "It is very good that by consideration of the matter there is a mayor", - he declared and continued:

- The object about which it is spoken in it 30 - m point, is in the center of Yachts - club, at the edge of water. The matter is that businessmen Martynyuk and Savin in 2003 received in Yachts - club in rent a site, more than 300 square meters, for the equipment and service of a summer platform (the decision of city council No. 11/10 of March 26, 2003 - a comment of a bus) In 2007 through City Council session they achieved extension of rent of this site for 5 years (the City Council No. 18/34 decision of November 30, 2007 - a comment of a bus). And then, in 2008 on this site a samozastroy method they constructed cafe, and subsequently through court legalized on it the property right. And our executive power for the unknown reasons didn't participate in court and any appeal didn't submit. And so after this court Martynyuk with Savin also applied in the City Council for permission about drawing up the project of land management. I suggest to deal with this question, and as soon as possible.

The mayor Chaika, having listened to Alexander Zholobetsky's detailed explanation, I made the amazed person:pier how in that case this question appeared in the session agenda? ! And, not to tighten time, on - business I declared:

- I, of course, didn't see a judgment therefore I suggest or to refuse or create the deputy commission and to understand a situation within 5 days.

Having called responsible for "clarification of a situation" persons, the mayor assured: in case of the revealed violations it surely will send the claim to court. such decision voted pro already 53 deputies! It would seem, all - the question is settled, justice triumphed, to ruin of one of the most beautiful places of Nikolaev at least time will put the end.

The one who so thought, badly knows our city council and the customs reigning there. If the decision is made - but it touches someone's interests, not the fact that such decision will be realized. So left and this time. Already next day, almost "as the curtain fell" the second plenary session of session, ardent "vitrenkovets" Dima Nikonov "unostentatiously", as though by the way, suggested colleagues to return to the matter, reasoning it that "there with documents everything is all right". And what you would think? Without any debate "the critical weight" deputies flapped up the 46 mandates, and the question "passed" as an obmylok in a water pipe. Vladimir Dmitriyevich, as one would expect, made a helpless gesture - say, what I can make if the decision was made by deputies? About progolosovanny the day before the decision ON the SAME QUESTION anybody, including the mayor, also didn't remember...

Probably, those 46 deputies who have "pushed" a question, indeed took the word to Nikonov who has quickly rushed on protection of interests of approached to an environment of the mayor of persons or maybe simply understood florid game in "the good father" the town governor. But the fact remains: constructed by impudence, without the corresponding project and permissions, the drinkable construction in Yachts - club has now every chance to be legalized for a long time. Long live Alik Pelipas! Yachts - the club which was once the vacation spot for simple citizens, turns into a "grain" place "for the elite". All there is allowed to them: and to put pretty often "пивнухи", bars, to snip off earth tidbits then to dispose of them on - to the discretion.

Alexander Zholobetsky shocked with such turn of events, declared that "this business is so simple" it doesn't leave.And it means one: in all this to put an end prematurely.

- My offer - to restore appeal terms, to cancel a judgment, and then to demolish the samozastroy legalized through court of Martynyuk and Savin - in the first day of session was supported both the mayor, and colleagues on a depuy corps. But when at the second plenary session I heard that a question on Yachts - to club again submitted for vote, it became very interesting to me: how so, after all in the first day after my performance and at the initiative of the mayor 53 deputies voted for removal of a question and for creation of the deputy commission where, except the mayor, his deputy Alexander Zhenzherukha, the head of department of land resources Alexander Moroz entered? In my opinion, the mayor simply accompanied Nikonov and therefore for the second day everything sharply changed. Though, according to the logic of things, the mayor had to remind deputies of the decision made the day before, remind of fight against samozastroy not in words, and in practice, however it didn't make it. Than it thus was guided - it isn't known. But I precisely know that to do and where to address further. After all Yachts - club, except the vacation spot of citizens, it also the historical downtown. And in what turned it today? Shame and shame! Absolutely officially in borders of a coastal protective zone of the estuary where building of any objects is forbidden, except hydrotechnical and linear, in the public territory there is the capital structure belonging to individuals! And, unfortunately, it - not the only example, - was explained subsequently by Alexander Zholobetsky.


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