Lutsenko is ready to give the chair

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko is ready to retire if the parliament makes the relevant decision.

He told about it on air of the 5th channel.

"Any position temporary, and I am ready to leave it after the relevant legal decision", - the minister noted.

Lutsenko reminded that in parliament the commission of inquiry which investigates incident with its participation in the airport of Frankfurt am Main is created.

"The parliament created commission of inquiry which studies a situation. If its research comes to the end, the parliament will have opportunity to vote resignation or Lutsenko's not resignation. I am ready to any succession of events", - the minister told.

"I am not ready to renounce the principles only. At the price of a ministerial chair it is indecent to me to cave in and break itself", - he considers.

The minister noted that office investigation of Cabinet of Ministers concerning this incident didn't reveal Lutsenko's violation of the Ukrainian legislation.

"My opponents need to remove Lutsenko because, in - the first, ahead elections, in - the second, the back very much becomes covered then because very often the militia leaves everything closer and closer to their offenses", - he told.

"If the Minister of Internal Affairs, in a current state of the country, had few enemies are would be a sign of immorality of Lutsenko. At me enough very influential and strong enemies, and I am proud of it. It means that I am the basic minister who isn't going to play at giveaway", - considers Lutsenko.

Besides, making comments on resignation of the Minister of Transport Iosif Vinsky, he told: "This sign vote in the Verkhovna Rada, and has to be. The prime minister, according to the law, has to bring idea of appointment and to dismissal of ministers".

"From the political point of view I always was the opponent of watering by dirt then when the fact of resignation came true, or it has to be tomorrow, and the official tells how he suffered, fought as to it didn't allow to make this or that", - Lutsenko told.

"I in this history most of all don't like that Vinsky, the promoted worker of BYuT, not in course of execution of the duties publicly did these or those remarks, and made it then as the offended boy", - the Interior Minister noted.


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