The Vienna is going to become alternative to Tymoshenko and Yanukovych

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The ex-the Minister of Transport and communications of Ukraine Iosif VINSKY intends to form the political association. He declared it today on a press - conferences.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he told: "I think, soon you will hear about the organization which I will form".

According to I.VINSKOGO, it wants that it "there was the organization which purpose there will be a continuation of a democratic vector of development of Ukraine. Because there is today a threat to this direction, it is obvious, I think, for all". According to the ex-the minister, the second position to which he will pay attention, ensuring justice in Ukraine is. "It is my political position. You know that I am a socialist on belief, and formation of the principles of socially fair society is my principled stand. And I will be under these two key messages, key positions to invite people to form democratic structure", - he told.

I.VINSKIY emphasized that it intends to unite democrats in Ukraine for creation of alternative political force. "I consider that today there is absolutely urgent need for association of all democrats and all people who preach principles of social justice. Today they are sprayed, they aren't integrated, and my political position will consist in that most to unite, concentrate these people that people received today any certain alternative. Unfortunately, alternative which is offered today in the form of TYMOSHENKO - YANUKOVYCH, I think that it is not accepted for Ukraine and therefore we have to look for the third way", - he told.

According to the ex-the minister, the new political project it will form with People's Deputies Gennady ZADIRKO and Vladimir KAPLIYENKO.

As reported the UNIAN, on June 15 of this year the prime minister - the minister Yulia TYMOSHENKO declared that doesn't exclude I.VINSKOGO accountability for attempts to use means of the state enterprise "Ukrpochta" not on purpose. She accused I.VINSKOGO and the People's Deputy from BYuT G. ZADIRKO of attempts to use 15 million UAH.the state enterprise "Ukrpochta" on the printing of boards to election campaign of the minister who allegedly was going to run for president.

On June 16 I.VINSKIY refuted Yu. Tymoshenko's this statement, and on May 17 declared that resigned from a position of the Minister of Transport and communication of Ukraine from - for serious disagreements with the prime minister - the minister Yu. Tymoshenko "on political, personnel, economic problems, and also ethics of the relations between cabinet ministers of Ukraine". Also I.VINSKIY submitted the application for a desertion of the party "Batkivshchyna". He reported that its resignation from a position of the minister means that he intends to conduct vigorous political activity.

On June 23 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made the decision on I.VINSKOGO discharge from a position of the Minister of Transport and communication of Ukraine on representation the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yu. Tymoshenko.


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