Unpshniki consider that in case of visit of the president to Nikolaev roll-in by asphalt doesn't threaten manholes

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"The incumbent president of Ukraine any of real candidates for this chair, I think, won't be able to reach before that to its visit, for example to Nikolaev, rolled up asphalt manholes and tracks as it was made in Kirov to arrival of the president of Russia Medvedev on request of the Federal Security Service (FSS)" - the first deputy head of the regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party Alexey Miroshnichenko considers.

In his opinion, "it is a real example of a painful gigantomania which in the conditions of modern Ukrainian democracy, at all its ambiguous manifestations, is capable to cause in the population only laughter and, as a result, - essential falling of respect and trust to such politician. Therefore neither Yushchenko, nor Yanukovych, neither Tymoshenko, nor Yatsenyuk, neither Gritsenko, nor Kostenko, someone from other possible presidential candidates or the prime minister - the minister to such won't fall".

"And it already at all the question of culture or personal ambitions of the Ukrainian politicians, simply Ukraine gradually perceives the European standards of political activity and a state administration. And all becomes more difficult to sell to the pro-Russian political forces "Russian Standard" which is often perceived by the Ukrainian citizens as wildness".

"In this sense long ago it is time for our government officials to refuse to hang out from practice on official offices portraits of incumbent presidents. More pertinent in these offices would be Yaroslav the Wise, Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Simon Petliura, Stepan Bandera's portraits, other outstanding figures of the Ukrainian history", - the representative of the Ukrainian People's Party considers.


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