The people's deputy Kivalov on elections in Odessa can support Gurvits – the expert

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Kivalov can support on elections of the mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits who already visited this chair.

Such opinion within a special project  «OBRAN І»  to journalists  «Words and Affairs»  the Odessa political scientist Yaroslav Katolik stated.

According to him, now in Odessa rather sluggish fight is observed, after all any candidate for a position of the mayor doesn't hope to receive more than a half of votes in the first round therefore the most active fight will happen in the second round.

- Today it is possible to say that the candidates for a post of the mayor of Odessa will be proposed by the acting town governor Gennady Trukhanov who will almost move forward for certain from party «Trust affairs» , ex-the mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits who, most likely, will stand from party «Solidarity» or from «Self-help» , and also ex-the people's deputy from «Strong Ukraine» Svetlana Fabrikant who now declared the balloting from party «Vidrodzhennya» ,–the expert notes. 

Besides, according to its information, participation in election campaign of one more famous Odessa politician is possible–Valery Matkovsky who was earlier heading Management zhilishchno - municipal services of the Odessa city council and one and a half years worked the vice-chairman of the Odessa regional public administration.

As the expert notes, in 2014 he already took part in mayor campaign and even took the third place, and recently declared that doesn't know yet, whether will stand on these elections but if is, not from party «at allTrust affairs».

«- аявлял about the ambitions one more candidate–the ex-the presidential candidate of Ukraine, the acting people's deputy from «Oppositional block» Vadim Rabinovich. However, it is impossible to tell that it especially actively worked in this region. Experts say that one more very well-known to inhabitants of Odessa the candidate can apply for a chair of the mayor–People's Deputy Sergey Kivalov. However, he didn't declare the mayor ambitions yet.Besides, considering recent interview of Eduard Gurvits in which he said the friendly relations with Sergey Kivalov, is rather high the probability of that he won't propose himself as a candidate, but will start urging inhabitants of Odessa to vote for Eduard Gurvits,–the expert assumed.

As for the general course of electoral process, that, according to the Catholic, Odessa can face both traditional problems, and some new. For example, according to him a problem incomprehensibility for the Odessa voter of procedure of distribution of deputy mandates will be most important.

–It will be rather difficult for inhabitants of Odessa to understand why the candidate who won their district didn't become a deputy, and the deputy certificate was received by the candidate who took the second or third place. Or why any candidate isn't elected from their district, and from the next is chosen two or even three deputies. Work of territorial election commissions will be other serious new problem. After all besides a traditional duty to define, what parties overcame an electoral threshold and how many places in city council they received, on them also the new duty will lay down–to define personal result of each candidate of the party which broke this barrier,–the expert summarized.

We will remind that the electronic petition with the requirement to to the president Petro Poroshenko to investigate Sergey Kivalov's activity on to post of Central Election Commission in 2004 to year it was unpopular.

Also earlier it was reported that The chairman of the Odessa regional public administration Mikheil Saakashvili accuses the deputy Verkhovnoy Rada Sergey Kivalov in attempts to affect on results of local elections in Odessa region.

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