After successful check from the State Office of Public Prosecutor the chief of the Nikolaev customs V. Kovalsky kissed a female half of the collective

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On June 25 the customs service of Ukraine notes the 18 - the anniversary. However this holiday was saddened slightly by charge of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko of corruption. We will remind, the head of state accused regional customs services assembled "shadow" means for upcoming elections and charged to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to check some regional customs services, including the Nikolaev.

The chief customs officer of the Nikolaev area Valentin Kovalsky assumed that reproaches of the President concerning corruption at customs could take place, after all, as they say, every family has its black sheep. Nevertheless, he hopes that during joint board of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the President of the word "Nikolaev customs" won't sound.

- The Prosecutor General's Office checked the Nikolaev customs about a week, - Valentin Kovalsky commented. - The facts of corruption didn't find. The State Office of Public Prosecutor, of course, didn't show results of check to me. We provided them all necessary for check. They participated in all processes of customs registration. I can tell that at customs very big temptation. After all the customs officer who only comes to work after study, receives 1500 hryvnias. And through his hands pass billions. The temptation is? Is. Perhaps someone didn't sustain. Without it doesn't happen. It not only in customs service, it in general everywhere. Always someone wants to profit an easy way. The easy way conducts in one party - only in prison. At the Nikolaev customs today there are no 60 employees for full work. You understand, what this load of the person - he can really make some mistakes.

The Nikolaev customs officers celebrated the professional holiday in the Russian dramatic theater. The second persons of area came to congratulate them.

The deputy governor Dmitry Oboronko for the first time for many years congratulated customs officers "without leaflet" (usually the official will read to a congratulation on behalf of the head of area from a piece of paper).

The adviser to the head of a regional council Tamil Bugayenko noted that the attitude of customs officers towards people changed recently.

- Staff of customs service became more available, - told Tamil Bugayenko, without having specified what exactly means.

Also the congratulatory word was made by the deputy mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Zhenzherukha.

All three, in turn, handed over to Valentin Kovalsky beautiful bunches of flowers and kissed. When on a scene kissed the chief customs officer and Tamil Bugayenko, it looked quite normally. And on Kovalsky's kisses with Oboronko, and then with Zhenzherukhoy all pretended that closed eyes))

During a ceremony Valentin Kovalsky boasted of achievements of customs officers:

- I in 2000 came to head the Nikolaev customs. Then the Nikolaev customs collected only 115 million in a year. Today we collect 135-140 million a month (the rate of inflation, naturally, isn't considered; it is remembered, in 2000 the salary in 300 hryvnias was considered as the good - a bus) - In treasury of the state more than 700 million hryvnias are already transferred. Thus collective at us young, average age of employees - 30 years. These are people who came on customs really to work for the state, instead of for the pocket. There are some careless customs officers are it is impossible to hide, after all in any collective there is a nasty sheep.

But today the Nikolaev customs is a solid collective which deserves that to thank it, to congratulate on a holiday - the 18th anniversary of the public customs service and let they in life are lucky. Let the destiny to them smile.

Valentin Kovalsky

Dmitry Oboronko


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