The Nikolaev Muslims again try to break a wall of officials and to achieve permission to construct a mosque. Sponsors are already found

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More than 15 years the Nikolaev Muslims can't already achieve from officials permission to restoring a mosque which was constructed around park Petrovsky in 1870, but is destroyed by the Soviet power ( history

). And the territory for which apply нацменьшины, actually isn't used. But for the unclear reasons officials of 15 years in a row that give the construction license, take it back.

As the head of department of questions of religion of the regional state administrationtold usAlexander Kostashenko, the City Council still didn't issue to Muslims the construction license. And the problem is thatvarious Muslim organizationsapply for the historical territory of a mosque.

On June 24 meeting of council of representatives of public organizations national меньшин areas took place at the head of the regional state administration on whom participants brought up a question of construction of a mosque. That between нацменьшинами there are any disagreements concerning the one who will build a mosque, the speech didn't go. Moreover, various Muslim organizations, probably, at all don't know that between them there are contradictions.

The mosque issue at meeting was touched by the head of public organizations "Council of the National Organizations of the Nikolaev Area"The sultan - Murad Kaymarazov:

- For many years Muslims can't receive the territory of a Muslim mosque.The congress of Azerbaijanians of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area assumed obligations to finance construction of a Muslim mosque.On the basis of it we addressed to the governor with the petition.The governor supported us.Practically the problem here doesn't exist.I поспросил you (I addressed to present at meeting to the deputy governorTo Dmitry Oboronkoand to the head of department of questions of nationalities of the regional state administrationTo Elena Ivashko-авт. ) that the head of department of religion - dearKostashenko- I didn't tighten this question three months as officials often do. And in the nearest future I signed materials on a Muslim community legally to transfer the territory under construction of a Muslim mosque. That it didn't turn out, it is valid, therefore, that one faiths the territory are given, another aren't given. The conflicts always appear when legislative requirements aren't met. I would ask you that all - influence on this department was.

Dmitry Oboronko promised that this question doesn't remain closed.


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