"Lozinsky's version doesn't maintain criticism" - Kuzmin

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The consequence upon tragic death on June 16 the inhabitant of the Golovanevsky region of the Kirovograd area Valery Oliynyk in which the People's Deputy from BYuT Victor Lozinsky is involved, proceeds.

On Monday in Kiev the chief of Golovanevsky regional department of militia Mikhail Kovalsky and the prosecutor of the same area Evgeny Gorbenko were detained.

"After communication in Kirovograd we delivered them to Kiev, carefully interrogated and were convinced that the version of aggressive behavior of Oliynyk which militiamen together with nardepy from BYuT Victor Lozinsky put forward earlier, doesn't maintain criticism", - told "Today" deputy public prosecutor Renat Kuzmin.

"The data which are available at our disposal, testify that Gorbenko and Kovalsky were involved in Oliynyk's death. More than 750 people" are on this case interrogated already, - he reported also.

Making comments on Lozinsky's address to GPU with a request to submit idea of deprivation of its deputy immunity (BYuT already declared that this representation will support) for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada, Kuzmin told:

"The decision on representation in BP will personally make (public prosecutor) Medvedko who after holiday comes to service on Tuesday, June 30".

"We called Lozinsky for evidence on June 28, but that wasn't without explanation. Having lost deputy immunity, it considerably will facilitate consequence work", - Kuzmin noted.

At the same time, the assistant to the People's Deputy Vasily Keshman regards Lozinsky's desire to refuse inviolability as confirmation of his innocence.

"It is a personal initiative нардепа which didn't interfere with investigative actions earlier and doesn't repair barriers now", - he speaks.

It is known that on June 16 owing to incident with the assistance of the deputy from BYuT Victor Lozinsky, the prosecutor of the Golovanevsky area Evgeny Gorbenko and the chief of regional department of militia of the Golovanevsky area Mikhail Kovalsky was lost 55 - summer
Valery Oliynyk.

Participants of incident deny participation in murder, calling the actions by self-defense. At the same time, on a body of the victim 9 gunshot wounds, numerous changes were revealed. Buried him without foot.

Gorbenko and Kovalsky are already dismissed from posts. Besides, the president dismissed governor of Kirovogradshchina Vasily Motsny and head of the Golovanevsky district state administration Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.

In turn Lozinsky addressed to the public prosecutor with a request to submit idea of deprivation of his parliamentary immunity for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada.


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