"Nikolayevelektrotrans", with the strikes, didn't allow to have a rest to the secretary of the City Council! It should convoke extraordinary session?

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As we reported earlier, the staff of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevelektrotrans" in case of debt nonpayment on a salary by June 30 promised to come to a strike. Told - made: today from 7 o'clock in the morning in the city movement of all electrotransport is stopped.

The city power continues to look for ways of an exit from current situation through negotiations and meetings.

According to Dmitry Nikonov, the chairman of the deputy commission on transport and communication, for today, on 14.00, the next meeting in which heads of all fractions have to take part is appointed.

- We work in all directions to achieve debt payment on a salary to staff of "Nikolayevelektrotrans". Most likely, we will "beat out" this money from the local budget as from Cabinet of Ministers of anything good not to wait - Dmitry Nikonov phoned.

As it became clear later, for current situation "razrulivaniye" from holiday the secretary of city council Vladimir Korenyugin was urgently "pulled out". He, in turn, reported that by the present moment of the city power it was succeeded "to leave" at the Cabinet and through the regional state administration the general complexity of 500 thousand hryvnias (900 thousand UAH of the subvention sent to the Nikolaev area for transportation of the preferential contingent). Thus Vladimir Ivanovich noted that this money - "drops in the ocean" therefore today, most likely, the issue of carrying out extraordinary session of the City Council will be resolved to be defined how to redistribute the city budget and to pay to staff of "Nikolayevelektrotrans" a debt on a salary.


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