Yushchenko can disperse parliament

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The president can make the decision on early parliamentary elections to presidential if for their announcement there are lawful bases.

Such opinion was expressed by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyreva in interview to journalists in Moscow.

Bogatyreva noted that for today there are some options of succession of events, and one of them is the announcement of early parliamentary elections, reports the UNIAN.

Thus she emphasized that today in favor of such option says that actually the parliament is incapacitated, and the governmental coalition can't correct an economic situation.

At the same time, Bogatyreva emphasized that the president can't act beyond the law and the Constitution, and the bases provided by the Ukrainian legislation for the decision on early parliamentary elections, aren't present today.

"But if there is a situation in such a way that any article (Constitutions) can be applied, and the exit of another won't be, the president will be obliged - as recovery from the crisis - will be compelled to make such decision", - she told.

Bogatyreva emphasized that the president will be compelled to make such decisions to make impossible "not forecast development of events and an unforeseen course of presidential election".

It is known that the president has the right of dissolution of parliament if within a month after elections or after dissolution of the previous coalition the new coalition if for 2 months the parliament can't appoint the government or if the parliament throughout a month doesn't gather for the meetings isn't created.

At the same time, the Constitution forbids to dismiss parliament for half a year before end of presidential powers.

The next presidential elections are appointed to January 17, 2010.


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