V. Merikov: "Opinion of citizens once again try to manipulate"

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I became one of problem questions of two last sessions of the Nikolaev city council проект decisions which are offered to approve in Nikolaev the new sizes of rates of a rent for the land plots which are in municipal property.At the thirty fifth session which has taken place on June 18 - 19, the question again - didn't collect votes, and the decision wasn't made.

In what the valid reasons of such reaction of a depuy corps and unwillingness of some people's deputies to make this decision are hidden?

This and other questions we asked to answer the chairman of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations Vadim Merikov who is among deputies voting for this draft decision and made a speech at plenary session in its support.

According to Vadim Merikov, need of adoption of this decision is obvious."In - the first, this order of determination of the size of a rent is directed on reduction in compliance of existing decisions of the Nikolaev city council with the Law of Ukraine "About land lease", be agrees with which the rent can't less triple size of a land tax. Today discrepancy in the actual determination of the sizes of a rent is observed at the conclusion of lease contracts to the sizes established in the decision of city council of 2002 which keeps the action before adoption of the new decision. In fact, the rate of a rent offered to the statement, and equal 3% of a standard monetary assessment, is operating. Proceeding from this size, calculation of a rent is carried out since January 1, 2008",- the deputy told.

If all quite so, then why the part of deputies objected to acceptance already the current rate? Vadim Merikov claims that tenants of the land plots in Nikolaev accurately know and understand that they make charge and payment for rent of the land plots, proceeding from the three-percent size.According to him, management of land resources of the Nikolaev city council during the period after January 1, 2008 carried out titanic work on the conclusion of additional agreements to earlier signed lease contracts for the purpose of reduction to compliance of the rent recorded in contracts, to the sizes, established by the law.

"After the specified date in all again signed lease contracts or which term lasts, the called 3% appear. And so also it turns out that some deputies roughly objected to existing reality. And all hysterics about change of rates in the conditions of crisis are no more than simply populism and advances before potential voters, lobbying of interests of regional financial groups personally some deputies",- V. Merikov explained.

The deputy emphasized that to the size of rates in Nikolaev approached differentially, comparing and analyzing the valid situation in the market and opportunity on a payment of users the land plots. The greatest possible rate of 12% applied to refueling complexes, and it, according to V. Merikov, fairly.

"Such practice exists in the majority of the cities of Ukraine. For example, in. New Kakhovka in 2005-2006 the size of a rent was established to the Kherson area at the level of 10%, at that time it was equal in Nikolaev of 1,5%. And, since 2006, the Novokakhovsky city council increased it to 12% and thus problems with receipts weren't and isn't present and now. So in what a problem to introduce to us already tested methods? Fear? Empty ingratiation before voters? Profitability of refueling complexes from it not to decrease and what to palter, all know that at gas stations anybody and never shows hundred percent of realization. And any fiscal methods and checks are powerless, such is mentality of our businessmen therefore I don't see anything terrible if the part of their profit leaves on payment for using the city earth. Receipts of the budget for payment of salaries to physicians, teachers and solutions of other pressing problems will be increased. All of us are indignant with construction behind borders of red lines. Look, there is no main and not only the main street where placement of extensions to shops and other commercial objects which facades go outside wouldn't "prosper". Apartments on the first floors are brought out of housing stock.To them "expansion", often at the expense of foot, sidewalk and the gazonnykh of public territories is carried out. So why the called subjects of managing can't pay a rent rate in the maximum size which assumes the current legislation? It and is reasonable and fair", - the chairman of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations considers.

Obviously what exactly increase of the sizes of rates also caused surge in emotions of a depuy corps.

As V. Merikov claims, initially, as well as follows, the offer on the Order was provided on consideration of the deputy commission.

"The head of department of land resources A. Moroz offered approximate rates, after introduction of offers, the work was continued by the working group of number of deputies. And each increase, believe, it was accurately reasoned. I will give an example: we raised a rate to 8% for placement and service of complexes of trade booths, pavilions and malls. Why? In fact, it is the same markets and in Nikolaev of such objects much when for the purpose of leaving from need of payment of market collecting especially enterprising businessmen laconically changed the name. In real activity the object functions as the market, and market collecting in the budget, thanks to such cunning, doesn't arrive. So why the local government can't oblige such businessmen to pay a rent rate for the earth slightly above, than was earlier? ", - the deputy asked a question.

According to V. Merikov, powers regarding adoption of such decisions aren't for nothing conferred to local government. The central power doesn't possess sufficient information that occurs in the city, a mudflow, so to speak on a place.

"And here deputies of local government are obliged to consider both interests of businessmen and interests of citizens, and to think of how it is weighed, really to fill up the budget, and during crisis especially, after all problems didn't become less, and on the contrary they were aggravated",- the deputy explains.

Explanations by the sizes of each rate, according to the chairman of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations, are also they are rather powerful.

"I think, details won't be interesting to readers. Shortly I can tell that the project provided increase for banking institutions and exchange offices, drugstores. Whether can on the average in a month for 1 quarter.the land plot to pay m of using in the budget - bank from 6,0 UAH to 8,0 UAH; refueling complex from 4,0 UAH to 6,0 UAH; car repair shop from 2,02 UAH to 3,5 UAH? Even ridiculously to discuss it. For placement and service of towers of mobile communication the rate in 12% is provided. The approximate size of a taken-away site under such kind of activity of 100 sq.m, the annual rent makes about from 2000,00 UAH to 2500,00 UAH. In a month it turns out that the tenant pays for 1 sq.m of the land plot from 1,66 UAH to 2,10 UAH. It is a lot of it or a little? Agree figures quite real. Thus we left minimum the sizes of rates, at the level of 0,1%, to citizens for individual inhabited, country and garage construction, OSBB for service of housing stock, for garazhno - construction and dachno - construction cooperatives",V. Merikov explained.

Is interesting one fact that all disputed issues are discussed directly in a sessional hall, during plenary session, instead of routinely. Why it occurs quite so?

"Really such tendency remains already throughout the second session during discussion of this draft decision though all deputies have opportunity to state the remarks and offers, to hear arguments of specialists of financial and land managements, will examine calculations and remarks which made CREWE at implementation of financial audit of performance of city budget. To the deputies making statements at a microphone, "on public" followed: or in more detail to study a conversation subject, or it is simple to refrain from attacks of this sort. And to nullify work of many experts as the groundless conclusions not having the bases it is incorrect in relation to those who was engaged in development of the decision. After all the draft decision was a subject of discussion, both at meetings of the working groups, and on interfractional council with the assistance of leaders of fractions",- Vadim Merikov declared.

Some deputies from speaking at session against increase of the amount of rent, zealously and persistently explained, increase of rates for booths "will finish" businessmen.

Vadim Ivanovich about it considers that not to become personal, best of all to speak language of figures. So more simply and more clearly.

"For booths and pavilions on providing household services the rate - 5% is offered. There were 2%. On the average earlier for a booth of 5 sq.m in size and the territory of 5 quarter.the businessman paid to m about 100 UAH a year for all object! Further to consider there is no sense - the price of 1 sq.m a month less than 1 UAH. Now we suggested to pay on the average slightly more than 250 UAH. On profitability of the businessman it, believe, it won't be reflected. Increase of rates on booths and pavilions of 8% and 12% as showed calculations, even on stopping pavilions where the rate of 12%, significantly doesn't "oppress" the businessman. The main reason - a rent for the earth in Nikolaev was always lower, than in other cities, even not regional and regional value. I ask not to confuse only concepts - the payment the earth transferred by the tenant into the budget, and a rent for a booth which is compelled to rent at so-called "owner". The most dishonest in relation to citizens it that their opinion the next time try to manipulate and escalate a situation",- the deputy considers.

"It is clear to all that the called sums are quite real for payment by tenants who really use sites in the economic activity. And here to hold the land plot "preserved", without using it it it is valid not favourably. Today it is clear to all that the excessive demand for the earth isn't present, easy and fast sale isn't expected, and it is necessary to pay a rent monthly, and these are additional overhead costs for latifundists of local value",- the chairman of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations Vadim Merikov summed up.


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