The representative of our Ukraine from the Nikolaev area stated V. Yushchenko's claims directly in the person

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The political leader of "our Ukraine" promised parties revival.

Two previous congresses of "our Ukraine" were carried out behind closed doors. On Saturday to Recreation center of the Kiev polytechnical institute came not only delegates, but also representatives of mass media and clergy. It was the day before planned that congress will make the decision on Victor Yushchenko's promotion on a post of the president, however this question postponed to fall. According to information, congress will propose mister Yushchenko the candidate on September 17 - in two days prior to start of election campaign. However, it is formalities: both the president, and delegates already solved everything.

- We will go to elections, - Victor Yushchenko declared. - And, by the way, that you remembered: we will win!

Later, when journalists decided to specify, mister Yushchenko spoke about a victory on what elections: next presidential or extraordinary parliamentary, he told: "Both on those, and on those".

- We have no project how to paint the country on two or three politicians. Our project - the consolidated nation, - was declared by Victor Yushchenko, having recognized that this idea can be not accepted yet by society. - We have other task: we speak about difficult things which don't add to us a rating, but in it our mission - to be on half-cases ahead.

Meanwhile participants of congress I interested not only big-time politics. The leader who has promised parties an era of the Renaissance, representatives of the WELL regional organizations continually "lowered on the earth".

- I have such feeling that the Renaissance begins in party when elections come nearer! - the head of a novobuzsky Communist Party organization (The Nikolaev area) Olga Repikhovich was indignant. - We, of course, will win and we will pass through everything, but I ask to resolve a material issue of work of executive committees. We work in terrible conditions! We sit in not heated offices, five months aren't paid office, till some months we don't get paid! Probably, it is unpatriotic, but we have to solve and these problems.Reports The businessman - Ukraine.

To the management WELL mister Yushchenko listened to all claims silently and answered them in concluding remarks, having shifted all responsibility to heads on places.

- Nobody learned to whip a lash the party better, than we. Collected political council, told:"Children, let's understand, what our situation on a salary, on party development"... It is whose responsibility? Central office problem? - the political leader of "our Ukraine" was indignant. - I am the president of this country, children. You have to stand near an elbow at the left and on the right and to perform these small tasks.

The president addressed the last words to the specific person - the head of the WELL Zaporozhye regional organization Evgeny Chervonenko who else before congress declared plans to leave party. On Saturday their conflict became public.

- For me the truth moment came. Here in a pocket my party membership card at number 17 lies, - having put a hand on heart, mister Chervonenko told. - Which - who from functionaries in this hall waits that I now will put it on a table to the president. I will confess, I thought of it much...

- And you don't think, Zhenya, - Victor Yushchenko declared from presidium, angrily looking at Evgeny Chervonenko. - Do!

After these words the head of a regional Communist Party organization was simply obliged to declare an exit, but couldn't make it.

Delegates behaved equally and when accused Victor Yushchenko and when listened to his charges: they applauded. It was easy therefore to predict results of vote. Participants of congress unanimously obliged the deputies representing in ruling coalition "our Ukraine", to withdraw the signatures under the coalition agreement. Such deputies, however, only four, and in party recognize that it is rather political course, than the decision which will have legal consequences.

Having declared desire to leave the parliamentary majority, members WELL weren't ready to go further and to oblige the ministers to leave the government.

- Ministers, remaining on the posts, have opportunity to provide implementation of ideological provisions, promises which the party made, - the Minister of Justice Nikolay Onishchuk explained the decision WELL.

One more solution of congress concerned a premiere which, judging by performances of mister Yushchenko, he considers as the main competitor at presidential election. "We demand from the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko or to refuse presidential ambitions, or to retire", - is spoken in the congress resolution. Madam Tymoshenko didn't react to this requirement yet.


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