All normal cafes of Nikolaev under the threat of demolition. Deputies arranged show on which citizens made such decision

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The desire of deputies of the Nikolaev City Council to make as it is better, can turn back result "as always".

Yesterday, on July 1, in the House of creativity of pupils (on Admiral's) public hearings of the draft decision of the City Council "About establishment of restrictions in realization of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and beer in the territory of Nikolaev" took place.

Here excerpt from the document which discussed at hearings:

"To forbid retail trade in alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and beerin the following places:

- on objects of retail trade andrestaurant economy, located at distance to 50 m from territories of preschool, general education and out-of-school educational institutions, establishments of health protection, establishments of social protection of children;

- on stationary objects of trade and the restaurant economy, placed in the general buildings with preschool, general education, out-of-school educational institutions, health protection establishments, establishments of social protection of children;

- on stationary objects of trade and the restaurant economy, placed at distance to 25 m from territories of preschool, general education, out-of-school educational institutions, establishments of health protection and social protection of children".

In total without exception the present agreed that the specified distance from trade objects to schools etc. in 50 meters needs to be increased to 200, and even to 500 meters.

Head of department of work of the marketsYury Pererodovat once I warned that it is a question of seasonal portable trade - tents and booths. But after allin the document it is in black and white written: "on objects of restaurant economy". Probably, Yury Pererodov also means booths by restaurant farms. But the common sense prompts that it not absolutely, to be exact, at all so.

The project is registered in such a way that under distribution small traders, and such institutions, aswill get not"Celentano", "Bokas - del - Thoreau", "Cactus", "SanRemo"and other darlings many citizens of a pizzeria and cafe.

Besides, in the draft decision it is specified that restaurant farms can't be near preschool institutions. Why? Really 3 - summer boys and girls after the day spent in kindergarten go to relax in, for example, "Dixie Barbeque" which, by the way, is on Soviet near a kindergarten No. 53 (Sovetskaya St., 13).

Or why these objects can't settle down near healthcare institutions. For example, before hospital No. 4 on Admiral's (before Ingulsky Bridge) there is "SanRemo" pizzeria. Then it should be demolished. Why? Children treat in children's hospitals, instead of in hospitals for adults. Moreover, even seniors often to doctors are driven by mothers. It is unlikely unwell child will sit down in the hospital yard together with mother to tighten a kosyachok.

Nikolskaya Street. At the left - a kindergarten No. 15, on the right (through 5 m) - "Ali-Baba"

Admiralskaya Street, before Ingulsky Bridge. Opposite to "SanRemo" pizzeria across the road - city hospital No. 4, also nearby - the First Ukrainian gymnasium of a name of Nikolay Arkas

Faleevskaya Street, near Big Sea. In a quarter from "Celentano's" pizzeria - on Faleevskaya and Potemkinskaya's crossing - school No. 7

Admiralskaya Street, between Garden and Small Sea. Near a tavern "Idler" - a gymnasium No. 2 and specialized school No. 59 (on crossing Admiral's and Small Sea)

Crossing of Lenin Avenue and Sovetskaya Street, "Dixie Barbeque". Before an institution - a playground near which residents don't want to see objects of sale of cigarettes and alcohol. Nearby, on Soviet, 13 - a kindergarten No. 53

Before the children's town "Fairy tale" - a cafe network - bars. Round the corner, on Lyagin Street, there is a children's music school No. 2

Lenin Avenue between Soviet and Moscow, "Bokas - del - Thoreau". In several meters - school No. 13 on Lenin Ave., 84

The deputy of the City Council from BYuTAlexander KurchenkoI suggested to add the list of institutions near which it is impossible to sell alcoholic drinks and cigarettes venues of sports competitions and playgrounds. Also I remembered a brand new playground on the ave.Lenina, 135 near which there is a cigarette stall.

- I remember how passersby when saw behaved 20 years ago how the minor drinks or smokes, - the deputy of the City Council from Blok of Natalya VitrenkotoldDmitry Nikonov. - Did remarks, spoke about seen to parents and teachers.We have to work over that each passerby didn't hesitate to make the remark to the child who goes with a cigarette.And our administrative militia doesn't react in any way to drunk minors. Near each school we see grandmothers who sell cigarettes.

Allow to take the deputy Nikonov at word "grandmothers who sell cigarettes". That's it that grandmothers. And these grandmothers have no permissions to the trade, any other documents. But we close eyes to grandmothers. And businessmen who work legally which invested money in the business, workplaces created and taxes pay, we will accuse that children drink and smoke.

The deputy Nikonov was supported by the man - the inhabitant Namyva. He with pride told how caught by a hand of two teenagers who bore beer in hands. Also I forced to pour out beer on the earth.

We at all don't protect children who drink beer and we don't propagandize such behavior. But allow to remind of existence of the Constitution of Ukraine which forbids to interfere with family and private life. Especially as beer officially isn't alcoholic drink.

The deputy the City Council from PSPUGalina YaroshenkoI remembered very indicative example:

- Parents of graduates in a month, and even more, look for pub in which their children after official part of a graduation party at school will walk.

Notice, not dealers in booths, namely parents.

Subjects of children's alcoholism keen on discussion and responsible - dealers, residents made offers to close cafe and bars near HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Remembered cafe before university of the admiral of Makarov and Sukhomlinsky.

Certainly, crowd actions aren't subject to logic. But at session deputies will consider this offer and it is quite possible that will consider it adequate. Allow to remind that to students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS from 17 to 22 years, and even above. These are adults who have the legitimate right, without asking permission foreign grandmothers and grandfathers at public hearings, to spend time as will consider the necessary.Especially as often so-called "pubs" near HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS are also a place for a dinner.

- Me confused that at today's public hearings there is no deputy mayor, - the member of public organization "Our City of Nikolaev"noticedAnatoly Onofriychuk. - And it isn't casual. Because includingfrom giving of the mayor the city is turned into buffoonery. Remember what I was yachts - clubearlier. Such examples of one thousand. This problem can't be solved, but we can show that to a community it isn't indifferent.

Decided to make addition to the project - to expel ALL institutions from the territory of yachts - club.

The representative of women's organization "Life gift" and the wife of the deputy Nikonov told that the Recreation center turned into a beer platform "40 - the anniversaries of October". Also she was revolted that near movie theaters, and is concrete near"Youth" and "Multiplex"in "City - the center" is cafe and tents in which sell beer. And them too, in her opinion and opinion of many present at public hearings, it is necessary to move away. Why? Because children go to movie theaters. By these "pubs".

As far as we know, children walk the streets. Following logic of the representative of "Life gift", it is necessary to move away all and from everywhere.

Inhabitant Namyva already mentioned above (he presents houses down the street Krylov to No. No. 11, 12, 13, 58) was indignant of that certain Savchenko's state of emergency near school No. 52 and faculty of agrarian university sells cigarettes. The inhabitant Namyva insisted on what this Savchenko's state of emergency is guilty that children walk about down the street with cigarettes.

One more member of the public organization "Our City of Nikolaev" presented by the assistant to the deputy,Nellie AntonovaI told the following:

- The power now sits and dissembles. Because in 1995 the law No. 481 "About state regulation and the address of alcoholic and tobacco products" in which it is registered distances from objects of trade before school establishments was issued. And all tents put with the permission of City Council session. All this from you (deputies - a bus) goes. Also don't dissemble, misters. 14-й year the law isn't observed. Ukraine sinks in children - alcoholics.

Except this law is also a ban to sell to minors alcohol and cigarettes.Why instead of what to achieve execution of this ban to think out one more solution of session?

It is remarkable that when to a microphone there was a journalistYury Yurinalso I asked, whether there are in a hall businessmen, the hand was raised by two persons.

Any not really fair public hearings. And very eloquently this thought was supported by the deputy Kurchenko:

- Here people who support this decision gathered. All of us one views.

Representatives of other views to express the opinion about it had no opportunity. And those businessmen who were present at a hall and very softly and tactfully tried to pay attention to other party of a medal of the decision, simply "pecked".

- Well about what interests of business it is possible to speak, so far as concerns health of children? - one of present women was indignant.

It was answered by the deputy of the City Council, the head of association of businessmen and employersGennady Goncharovsky:

- But after all there is an antitrust law, and it is difficult to fight against it.

It seemed to us that g - N Goncharovsky, being the head of association of businessmen, at all doesn't protect their interests. And more likely on the contrary. And why to fight against the legislation? It needs to be executed.

Having listened to indignations of inhabitants and deputies, the floor was taken at last by the businessman,representative of an epicure "Prospectus plus" Tatyana Ovcharenko:

- I support everything that here was told. ButI had an opinion that trade is guilty that children drink and smoke. We don't sell to children of a cigarette and alcohol. But my neighbors had such incident. Believe,if the girl - the teenager makes up, it is almost impossible to define her age. Then it is necessary to enter the law on selling cigarettes and alcohol only in the presence of the passport to those people which age it is difficult to define. And too it is necessary to approach to sanctions individually. After all often checking specially palm off children by whom it is difficult to determine age to fine the businessman.

- To buy alcohol, it isn't obligatory to go to school. It is enough to leave own entrance. After all shops and booths with these goods are literally continually, - supported the colleague the second businessman.

Despite that both workers of trade introduced quite sensible ideas, the public literally attacked them.Businessmen again became enemies and traitors.

When the deputy Alexander Kurchenko tried to stop shout of the raged citizens and to make offers to the draft decision, he was interrupted by the woman advanced in years:

- Sasha, it I, your teacher, Marya Ivanovna. I you how many asked to clean a stall with cigarettes before school? It still costs in 10 meters from school!

- I remember you, Marya Ivanovna, - the deputy Kurchenko told. - And so this decision also is the basis to clean this stall.

- Yes? Well. In a month I will check and I will come to you once again, - Marya Ivanovna told.

The deputy Gennady Goncharovsky made weak attempt to protect businessmen:

- The local budget is filled at the expense of businessmen. You will tell then: "And where money for hospitals, for schools? "

One of present men was presented by the worker of the first Ukrainian gymnasium, but the surname didn't call. He introduced the interesting idea:

- Yes, we will protect any number of children from alcohol. But after all the others if come to buy, after all will find where to make it. It is necessary all pothouses and tobacco stalls to take out for city boundaries, - only the begun performance listeners interrupted him an applause - probably, not at once understood about what he speaks. - And businessmen to you will come (I addressed to deputies - a bus), will give money, and you will give out at once them permissions.

- Uncivilizedly to accuse of it. Especially as there are deputies, - Nikonov scolded him.

The man from the first gymnasium had to apologize.

- The deputy Nikonov of money doesn't take … for permissions, - the deputy Alexander Zholobetsky told in reply.

And there is a wish to ask: and for what a beret?

Also Zholobetsky told:

- Outlets work lawfully. And to all of them permissions were given out by the city power. At session you (I addressed to Nikonov - a bus) brought up a question and stood up for that all voted for opening of the next beer point in yachts - club.You than motivated it?

The deputy Nikonov told that the such doesn't remember, there was no it, and right there blurted out:

- And you pulled me a sleeve: "Don't touch "the Region - the South" - slot machines"!

At the end of show the head of development of business Andrey Yakovlev suggested to return to a topic of conversation. He told that everyone can make the offers in the City Council draft decision. They need to be given in writing addressed to the mayor. Also he reported that the second public hearings on the same question will be soon carried out.


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