V. Yushchenko devaluates system of national values – the People's Deputy O. Novikov

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On the occasion of various state holidays, the President of Ukraine doesn't stint assignment of various honorary titles and high state awards.

Sometimes it is possible to notice that similar ranks are received by the people close to officials from the regional state administration - relatives, friends...

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that on the occasion of the Constitution day of Ukraine the President Victor Yushchenko I appropriated a rank of "The honored worker of formation of Ukraine" Claudia Mikhaelovna Oboronko - to the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of labor union of educators and sciences of Ukraine, and, so to speak, in combination, mother vice-the governor Dmitry Oboronko.

We asked to comment on this situation the People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Novikov who, is at present with working visit in the Nikolaev area.

The president Victor Yushchenko and representatives of his administration devaluate system of national values on which the Ukrainian gosudarstvannost relies. Quite so the parliamentary representative of social movement "National self-defense" Oleg Novikov considers.

"I won't speak about honorary titles - them appropriate very often. Open a site of the President and look, for example, ranks of the Hero of Ukraine were appropriated lately to a lump. There you will see a number of businessmen, owners of serious firms", - O. Novikov declared.

"I don't want to tell that heroic acts in our country are defined nalichy money. But the rank of the Hero of Ukraine strongly depreciated since the moment when "Hero" began to give to measures of the cities, officials … The businessmen building the private business, too why - that become heroes. So in what their heroism, tell me? ", - the deputy asked.

"I want to address to the President with the offer: as million citizens of Ukraine use computers and the Internet, it is time to appropriate a rank of the Hero of Ukraine and to Bill Gates. Bill Gates, recently dismissed the adviser to the Ukrainian President, made more for ensuring information progress and safety, than the President with his government, together taken", - noticed Oleg Novikov and continued:"It is impossible to belittle merits of those who makes a contribution to business development in Ukraine, however for them there are nominations like "People of year", etc. Status of "Hero of Ukraine" a bit different".

The politician reminded that "The Hero of the Soviet Union made a personal feat for the sake of the country, Hera Truda managed exclusive, outstanding labor acts. The historical successor of heroes of this kind - Leonid Kadenyuk carrying a rank of the Hero of Ukraine by right".

"Unfortunately, the majority of modern Heroes of Ukraine - known in narrow business - or an official circle, full and wealthy people. And a large number received different awards for the Constitution day consist in related and friendly communications with officials of the regional state administrations", - Oleg Novikov summarized.


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