The governor weaned from communication "alive" and "Nikolayevoblenergo" from screens of TVs will threaten now?

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On July 2 the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha carried out the next personal reception of citizens. Among problems with which inhabitants of the Nikolaev area this time addressed to the governor, were also such, which not only one family or one certain citizen. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional public administration.

First of all, it is numerous complaints on illegal, according to applicants, action from employees of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo. Unfortunately, such complaints already become "traditional". Each time people ask for the help in protection of the rights the head of area with small prosperities: pensioners, veterans of war and work, disabled people. Really only at them controlers of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo look for and "successfully" find numerous violators. Such attitude towards representatives of unprotected segments of the population revolts the governor. It is sure: it is necessary to pay for the used electric power - in due time and in full. It is a population duty. But employees of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo have certain official duties also. And not on the last place among these duties - the objective attitude towards the clients.

By means of television journalists Alexey Garkusha publicly addressed to JSC Nikolayevoblenergo management with a final warning: work with the subordinates, train them and severely ask for the unsympathetic attitude towards people! Don't repeat an error of the Nikolaev supermarkets - now complaints to shortcomings of their work are collected by "the hot telephone line" which works at the regional state administration. Let's work together for people!

From "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT":recently the governor of the Nikolaev area, for the unclear reasons, avoids public events which are held in areas. The majority of actions is visited by the deputy governor of the Nikolaev area D. Oboronko.There is a question - and whether it was necessary to arrange "facade" with "the Chinese prevention" for "Nikolayevoblenergo", and it is simple to invite the management of the energosnabzhabshchy company and to resolve all issues?


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