The SBU designated the forgery, accused all political forces in corruption

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The SBU called a forgery the document in which on behalf of allegedly officers of SBU all political forces and the supreme bodies of the power were accused of corruption practically. About it with reference to a press - the secretary of SBU Marina Ostapenko.

"This letter - a forgery! ", - she declared.

We will remind that on a site of "The Ukrainian truth" in the blog of the journalist Igor Lutsenko in a material under the name "to Znov about Tenderna chamber" there were anonymous letters allegedly sent by e-mail from "group of officers of SBU" in which it was reported about the results, the expeditious development carried out by them.

Today rather these documents already there were comments of People's Deputies Alexander Goluba (KPU), Vitalia Homutynnika (PR), Anton Yatsenko (BYUT) and Yury Karmazin (WELL - NANOSECOND) who called this information absurdity.

"The sick person could tell and write such things only at least … I think that in this letter with surnames of staff of SBU are covered. Otherwise than provocation I can't call it. ", - Karmazin declared.

Thus, he suggested SBU to take from "the author of this, if one may say so, articles, the prevention of responsibility on obviously false denunciation". "And let this bastard will answer under the law. And write: Karmazin told that it is dirty - the pregryazny geek! ", - the People's Deputy added.

Anyway, People's Deputies promise to find out who is the falsifier of this letter for the purpose of accountability by the legislation of Ukraine.

Earlier, to an official denial of SBU of this information, the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Vitaly Homutynnik declared that if the intelligence service won't provide proofs to the charges, it will file a lawsuit, reports RUpor.


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